Print At Home

Find out how to beat the post and the queues by buying online and printing your ticket at home.

The print at home service allows fans to buy their tickets to Everton home games online, print the ticket at home and bring it to the game to gain access via the turnstiles.

The service is usually switched on a few days before each game.

The information below is aimed at making the print at home process as easy as possible.

Print at home tickets – Your questions, answered.

Questions and answers

Q) Why choose to print at home?
A) Quite simply it’s fast and convenient. You’ll no longer have to wait for your tickets to arrive in the post and nor will you have to queue to collect your pre-ordered tickets

Q) How does print at home work?
A) If you chose to have your ticket(s) delivered by the print at home method you must first choose this option in the delivery options and update your basket before proceeding to check out. Once you have purchased your ticket(s) we will send you an email confirmation with your ticket(s) attached.

Q) If I order multiple tickets, how many emails will I receive?
A) You will only receive one email that will include one attachment with all your tickets attached.

Q) Do I need any special hardware or software to print my print at home tickets?
A) It is likely that you will have what you need if you choose to print at home.

1. A printer – inkjet or laser jet. Use plain white paper
2. Adobe Acrobat reader version 4.0 or higher. This can be downloaded free by clicking here.

Q) What if I can’t print my print at home tickets off?
A) Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat reader version 4.0 or higher. This can be downloaded free by clicking here. Do also make sure that your printer is turned on and that all cables are connected correctly. Please use plain A4 white paper only. If you are still having difficulties printing off your print at home tickets please call us on 0151 556 1878 or email with the subject ‘Print at home tickets’ and we will be pleased to help.

Q) Will my print at home tickets be accepted at the stadium?
A) Yes – it is a valid ticket. The ticket you print will be scanned by yourself in our turnstile readers and you will gain admission as if it were a normal ticket.

Q) What if I print more than one copy or my print at home ticket is photocopied?
A) Admittance to the stadium will be allowed only the first time the barcode is scanned. Protect your ticket as you would any other event ticket by keeping it in a safe place or print just prior to attending the match.

Q) I deleted my email – what should I do?
A) If you accidentally deleted your email before printing your tickets please call us on 0871 663 1878*. We will immediately cancel the entitlement on the original print at home ticket and re-issue.

Q) What if I don’t receive my confirmation email and attachment?
A) It is likely that the wrong email address is stored for you however please call us on 0151 556 1878 or email and we will be pleased to help.

Q) I’m a Season Ticket holder and bought my own seat for a cup game but didn’t receive my print at home ticket.
A) Your ticket will be loaded onto your season-card as normal and you should have received an email to confirm your purchase without any ticket attachments.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do remember to check your email address is correct, valid and current prior to purchase. You can do this by visiting the ‘update details’ section of e-ticketing.
  • Don’t change your registered email address after you have purchased your tickets as the tickets will not be sent to this email address.
  • Do protect your ticket as you would any other ticket. Keep it dry and print on A4 white paper.
  • Don’t shrink your ticket, print on colour paper or damage/deface the barcode.
  • Do only print your ticket once.
  • Don’t photocopy your ticket if you have the original, the ticket can only be scanned once and multiple entries will not be permitted.