Piling Complete at Bramley-Moore Dock

The piling operation for the foundations of Everton’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is nearing completion after seven months.

A total of 2,768 concrete piles, each around 15m deep, has been laid within the footprint of Everton’s new 52,888 capacity home.

The three remaining piles are to be drilled after the Jubilee break and all the work undertaken will ultimately provide the building blocks from which the concrete, brick, steel and glass structures will eventually emerge from the ground.

Indeed, the steel installation has already begun in the north, which will shortly extend across the two northern corners.

Piling ended this week on the iconic western stepped terrace that will overlook the River Mersey.

And with the drilling in the infilled dock now complete, the foundations are in place for the above-ground works to commence across the site.