2022/23 Season Ticket FAQs

All you need to know about renewals.

When can I purchase my Season Ticket for 2022/23?

The Season Ticket renewal window will open at 10am on Tuesday 22 February 2022. The deadline to renew your Season Ticket will be 5pm on Friday 29 April 2022. 

How can I renew my Season Ticket for 2022/23?

1) You can renew your Season Ticket online by visiting the ‘Tickets’ section on evertonfc.com or the Official Everton App and clicking through to your online account. Your seat will be displayed under the ‘Season Ticket’ tab, ready for you to add to your checkout basket.

2) You can call the Fan Centre on 0151 556 1878 and speak to a member of the team, who will be happy to answer any queries you may have prior to purchase and process your renewal over the phone.

3) Supporters can pay in person by visiting the Box Office at Goodison Park.

Monday to Friday

10am-4pm (Telephones, Ticket Office windows)

Saturdays (non-matchdays*)


Saturdays (matchdays)





Will my Season Ticket auto-renew for 2022/23?

Any Season Ticket Member on an existing Direct Debit scheme will be offered the option to opt into the Auto-Renew Scheme for 2022/23 between 12pm on Tuesday 15 February and 12pm (midday) on Monday 21 February. This is prior to the renewal window opening on Tuesday 22 February. Supporters will be issued a direct link via email to complete the process.

Season Ticket Members applying to renew their seat during the renewal window from Tuesday 22 February will be given the opportunity to opt in for the 2023/24 season at Goodison Park.

How can I pay?

Supporters can renew their Season Ticket by paying in full (either on a credit or debit card) when paying online, over the phone or at the Fan Centre on Goodison Road. Supporters can also pay with cash when purchasing at the Fan Centre. 

Alternatively, supporters can apply to finance their Season Ticket and repay the credit on a 12, 11, 10 or nine-month payment plan, provided by Premium Credit. 

Any Season Ticket Member on an existing Direct Debit scheme will be able to opt into Auto-Renewal on a 12-month Direct Debit plan between 12pm on Tuesday 15 February and 12pm (midday) on Monday 21 February. For any other Season Ticket Members who wish to pay over 12 months, this payment plan with be available to opt into between Tuesday 22 February and Monday 28 February. An 11-month payment plan will be available to opt into between Tuesday 1 March and Thursday 31 March. The 10-month payment plan will be available for supporters to opt into between Friday 1 April and Friday 29 April. A nine-month payment plan is available between Sunday 1 May and Friday 20 May. Please note, the Season Ticket renewal deadline for existing Season Ticket Members is Friday 29 April. 

Payments will be collected by Direct Debit on the first working day of each month (starting the month following the application deadline), with the last payment to be taken on Wednesday 1 February 2023.* 

*If an application is received and processed in the last six working days of the month, the first payment will be taken within 10 working days of the following month and will then resume on the first working day of each month thereafter. 

I've got credit on my account. Can I use that to purchase my Season Ticket?

Yes. Supporters can use their existing credit balance towards the cost of their 2022/23 Season Ticket/s at the point of renewal. This can be applied online or over the phone. Any ticket credit accrued after your renewal has been processed cannot be applied retrospectively.

Supporters who have collected points through the Club’s loyalty scheme, Everton Rewards, can use their saved points towards the cost of their 2022/23 Season Ticket. When purchasing your Season Ticket online, simply choose the number of points you wish to spend when at the checkout stage (you can pay in part or full for your items with points) and press 'Spend'. Your basket total (the amount left to pay) will automatically update and you can then complete your purchase as normal.

To learn more and become an Everton Rewards member, click here.  

Note: In order to spend points on your Everton Season Ticket at the checkout, you must have a minimum of 1,000 points in your Everton Rewards account and have set or confirmed your goal within the last 12 months. Supporters can also collect Everton Rewards points against the cost of their Season Ticket, with one point being collected for every £1 spent. The points transaction and cash transactions are treated separately.

Season Ticket Members on the Auto-Renew scheme will be unable to use any existing Everton Rewards balance against the cost of their 2022/23 Season Ticket.

Will I get a new Season Ticket Card for 2022/23?

Each Season Ticket Member will receive a Digital Season Ticket for the 2022/23 season, available via the Official Everton App. Instructions on how to access and use the digital pass will be provided later in the year. can purchase them at an additional charge of £5 per card. This is part of the Club’s Everton for Change initiative and in line with our commitment to continue reducing our carbon footprint and the use of non-essential plastics.

Season Ticket Members have the option to have both a Digital Season Ticket and a physical Season Card and can choose to use either on a matchday to access their seat at Goodison Park. Whichever is used to access the stadium will invalidate the other at the point of access via the turnstile.

Why will all Season Ticket Members get a Digital Season Ticket?

Prior to 2021/22, the plastic cards produced for all Season Ticket Members each season, if laid end to end, would stretch from Goodison Park to Bramley-Moore Dock. Coupled with the transit between providers for printing and shipping, the carbon footprint of providing Season Cards was significant. And, whilst a number of clubs are moving to entirely Digital Season Ticket solutions, we appreciate that providing fans with a choice is important.

In advance of the 2021/22 season, the Club introduced a Digital Season Ticket to provide entry to the stadium for Season Ticket Members on matchdays. This new initiative saw strong uptake from supporters and will remain in place for the 2022/23 campaign, with all Season Ticket Members offered a Digital Season Ticket as standard. can purchase them at an additional charge of £5 per card.

Why is there a £5 charge for a physical Season Card?

The charge covers the production and fulfilment of a Season Card. The Club is also keen to incentivise the adoption of the digital solution to support our commitment to the environment through the Everton for Change initiative.

Are Digital Season Tickets transferable?

As part of a new initiative for the 2022/23 season, Season Ticket Members unable to make a game will be able to assign or transfer their seat via their online ticketing account. More information on this new benefit and the functionality will follow in due course. The Club will also continue with its resale platform to allow Season Ticket Members the opportunity to list their ticket if they can’t attend a fixture.

Will fans be able to have multiple Digital Season Tickets on one device?

Yes. One person can download multiple passes to their device and select each pass to be individually scanned at the point of entry. However, a single Digital Season Ticket cannot be held on multiple devices.

I'm not currently a Season Ticket Member. How can I join the Season Ticket Waiting List?

You can sign up to the Season Ticket Waiting List by clicking here.

I am a current Season Ticket Member. How long will my seat be held for?

To guarantee your seat for the 2022/23 season, existing Season Ticket Members must renew by 5pm on Friday 29 April 2022.

Can I change the name of the person on my Season Ticket?

If you are an existing Season Ticket Member wishing to keep your seat but to change the name assigned to that seat, please contact us either via servicedesk@evertonfc.com or by post: Goodison Road Box Office, Goodison Park, Goodison Road, Liverpool, L4 4EL. Please include the full information relating to the requested name change and also the details (name, address and contact) of the person who will be taking over the Season Ticket, if applicable.

Do I qualify for a concessionary Season Ticket?

To qualify for a concessionary Season Ticket, the applicant must meet the following age criteria:

  • A Kid is defined as a person aged 10 years or younger on 1 September 2022
  • A Junior is defined as a person aged 11 to 17 years on 1 September 2022
  • A Young Adult 18-21 is defined as a person aged 18 to 21 on 1 September 2022
  • A Young Adult 22-24 is defined as a person aged 22 to 24 on 1 September 2022
  • An Adult is defined as a person aged 25 to 64 on 1 September 2022
  • A Senior is defined as a person aged 65 or over on 1 September 2022
  • A 90+ Senior is defined as a person aged 90 or over on 1 September 2022

Please note that a copy of a birth certificate or passport must be provided when purchasing a Kid, Junior, Young Adult or Senior Season Ticket.

Are there any additional charges over and above Season Ticket prices?

If you are applying for credit and repaying your Season Ticket over 12, 11, 10 or nine monthly payments, there is a £30 transaction fee per transaction (i.e., one payment of £30, regardless of the number of Season Tickets you are purchasing as part of that transaction. So, for example, if you are buying Season Tickets for a family of four in the same transaction, you will only make one £30 payment for the transaction fee).

I would like to move my seat for the 2022/23 season. Will I be able to?

Existing Season Ticket Members who would like to move their seat can apply for a seat transfer through the Fan Centre via this online form. Requests to move a seat will be prioritised by date of application and the availability within the preferred stand. Applications must be made before Friday 29 April 2022. 

Seat Transfer Form 

Will there be an AutoCup Scheme?

Yes, we will be reintroducing AutoCup as an exclusive benefit for 2022/23. Season Ticket Members can sign up for cup fixtures in advance, where applicable. Any Season Ticket discounted ticket prices are automatically applied and signing up to the scheme guarantees your own seat*, rather than you having to pay on a match-by-match basis.

How much does the AutoCup Scheme cost?

It's free to subscribe. The value of the ticket will be deducted from the Season Ticket Member’s credit/debit card automatically once ticket details are known for the relevant games. No card processing fees will be applied.

When will payment be taken for cup matches?

Where possible, we will endeavour to notify Season Ticket Members of prices and payment dates at least 14 days prior to the match. This, however, is often dependent upon the period of time between rounds in any given cup competition.

Notification on fixture dates will be given on evertonfc.com, in Everton publications, and in the Everton Fan Centre.

What happens if my Season Card gets lost, stolen or damaged? 

You should notify the Everton Fan Centre immediately. The lost, stolen or damaged Season Ticket (Digital or Card) will be automatically cancelled and will not permit access to the stadium. There is a £5 administration fee for any replacement physical Season Card as a result of the original being lost, stolen or damaged.

The duplicate Season Ticket will only be issued when proof of identification has been shown. Only one duplicate Season Ticket will be issued to you per season, and you will be required to sign a document confirming that the original Season Ticket is damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed and indemnifying the Club against any direct or indirect consequences of such matter having been falsely represented or stated to the Club. 

I’ve purchased a physical Season Card. What happens if I forget my SeasonCard, am I able to use my Digital Season Ticket?

Yes, your Digital Season Ticket will allow you access through the turnstiles into Goodison Park.

Where can I find the Ticketing Terms and Conditions?

The Ticketing Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.


Who is eligible?

All Supporters currently paying via Premium Credit with a live agreement will be eligible for Auto-Renewal. If the final payment due on 1 February 2023 is not collected successfully, the auto-renewal application will not be submitted. It is also essential that the Direct Debit mandate remains active after the final instalment is collected.

I would like to amend bank details or other information on my existing Direct Debit plan. What should I do?

By opting into auto-renewal, you are consenting to the renewal of all existing live agreements. If you are currently named on more than one agreement and wish to only renew a selected ticket, please contact the Fan Centre on 0151 556 1878 so an Advisor can ensure we have the correct information. To update Bank Details, visit your online ticketing account at the earliest opportunity.

Will a Credit Check be performed?

A credit check will be performed upon submission of your auto-renewal application. However, previous payment history with Premium Credit will also be considered and factored into the final decision.

If I do not opt in, can I still apply for my renewal via Premium Credit?

The Premium Credit payment option will still be available to supporters who have not opted into auto-renewal but previous payment history will not be taken into account. This payment option is only available to supporters residing in the UK.

When will my first instalment be collected?

Supporters who are successfully auto-renewed will see their first payment collected on or shortly after Tuesday 1 March with the final instalment due on Wednesday 1 February 2023.