Dyche Stars In Blossoms' New Music Video

Fresh from masterminding a memorable week for Everton, Sean Dyche temporarily swapped tactics for acting to become the surprise star of the new music video from Blossoms.

The acclaimed indie-rock band formed in Stockport in 2013 and have enjoyed a sensational rise to success, including three UK number one albums and a 30,000-capacity headline show this summer.

They can now add working alongside a Premier League manager to those career highlights.

“The connection to Sean goes back to 2018,” lead singer and guitarist Tom Ogden explained to

“He was at the Isle of Wight Festival and did an interview where he said, ‘I’ve seen Blossoms and they’re really good’. We all thought, ‘Dyche has bigged us up - that’s pretty cool!’

“Then last year at Glastonbury, we did a secret set with Rick Astley doing covers of The Smiths. Rick ended up speaking to Sean backstage and they formed a bit of a connection there.

“Fast-forward to the Manchester Arena two months ago. We were watching Rick Astley play a show. We’d become friends and he kindly put us in a box. We turned up and Sean Dyche was also in the box!

“So he’s asking us about music; we’re quizzing him about the Premier League and football. There was great rapport with him, so we exchanged numbers and a few days later we were coming up with ideas for our music video [for new single ‘What Can I Say After I’m Sorry?’]  and we thought ‘let’s see if Sean will be in it for a laugh’. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! We sent the text and he was up for it.”

And so, in a week that saw Everton record victories over Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and Brentford as well as an unexpected show of mutual appreciation between Dyche and American punk legends Green Day, the Blues manager still had one more trick up his sleeve.

Adding to his IMDB credits of a sole one-line cameo in 2023 film Bank of Dave, Dyche got into character to send the band on a fictitious mission to steal an eight-foot fibre glass gorilla called Gary from a Lanarkshire garden centre.  
And just as he is doing in the dugout for the Toffees, Dyche delivered. 
“We wanted someone to play a sort of ‘boss’,” continued Ogden, who directed the video alongside his brother Ewan.  
“He seemed the perfect fit. We didn’t really have any lines - I just said ‘this is the rough idea’, to do it like a team talk and that was the blueprint. He just ran with it from there. He was a bit of a natural to be honest; like something out of a Guy Ritchie movie!”

While most people will only see Dyche as a football man, shouting instructions from his technical area or from his playing days as a tough centre-half, outside of the game he loves is another real passion for live music of all genres.  
Dyche enjoys going to gigs and festivals in what little free time a top-flight manager is afforded and he has spoken at length about his love of music from the 70s to modern day.

Through spending time together, Ogden has had a rare glimpse of the man that makes the manager. He admits it is refreshing, in an industry where everything is scrutinised, for someone to not be afraid to show a human side and embrace their other interests publicly.

“He’s obviously got a passion for music and it’s nice to see a bit of personality in the Premier League,” said the 31-year-old frontman.

“I understand why these days everyone is PR-trained, people are scared of putting their reputations on the line and the league is so well documented. There’s nowhere to hide, so it’s nice when you get bursts of people’s personality.

“Sean is just full of charisma and up for a good laugh. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He just fitted in with the band and got stuck in with the filming. There were a few outtakes! We had a good laugh and he’s just a really nice bloke.”

‘What Can I Say After I’m Sorry?’ is the new single from Blossoms - out now on ODD SK. Watch the music video below and click here to find out more.