Dyche's Mentality Message Ahead Of Crucial Run

Sean Dyche has urged his players to “stay focused on the job in hand” while adopting a “front-foot feel” ahead of Everton’s trip to Chelsea on Monday.

The Toffees travel to Stamford Bridge for an 8pm (BST) kick-off in their first outing since being handed a two-point deduction – the Club’s second points docking of this season.

In January of this year, Everton were charged by the Premier League for breaching Profit and Sustainability rules for the assessment period ending 2022/23.

The case was then referred to a Premier League Commission, which on Monday, announced the Club would receive an immediate deduction of two points - the Club has appealed the decision. 

In his pre-match press conference for Monday’s game, Dyche – keen to focus on matters on the pitch – gave his response to the news, explaining: “I think [my reaction] is similar to the last one. It’s unexpected in the sense we thought it had been dealt with. It obviously wasn’t or hasn’t been. There’s a time window to appeal, so the Club will be looking into that.

“The last response was: ‘What’s done is done.’ The league table changes. We’re very confident it won’t change again – with regards to anything this season. So therefore, our focus is on the next round of games coming up.

“I spoke to the players about it and reminded the staff about it; reminded them of the truth of the moment, which is to stay focused on the job in hand.

“Lots of people are scratching their heads at the whys and wherefores, including ourselves at times, but it has to be parked again. We’ve been through it once; we have to go through it again, and we are going to do. The games come thick and fast.”

Everton head to Chelsea after starting to correct a difficult spell of form. A 1-0 home victory last time out at Burnley followed a well-earned point on the road at Newcastle United.

With goals coming from Abdoulaye Doucoure and Lewis Dobbin, the Blues produced a win in the reverse fixture against Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea side.

For Dyche, an emphasis is placed on avoiding complacency and building on the confidence gained from recent displays to deliver a performance with a “front-foot feel”.

“We beat them well at [Goodison] in the sense that we delivered a good performance but that doesn't guarantee the next one," he said. “So, we have got to make sure that we deliver. That is what I go through with the players. Don't rely on anyone else but ourselves.

“I think the front-foot feel is an old adage, but it is a fair one. I think it is built on the fact that the last time we got a knock, everyone pulled together.

“The mindset is to try to win every game – that’s for sure. I believe in the side. I believe we’ve been playing well, and I believe over the season, it pays you back, with the consistency of the work.

“That’s what we have to do. Continue the work; continue the daily work and put it into practice when the whistle blows for the real thing.”

Reiterating his call for the Club to “pull together” following the latest setback, Dyche continued: “Myself, the players, the staff all pulling together - the fans as well to make sure we look after ourselves and look after the Club.

"A reaction to the news is important. Front-foot thinking, front-foot mentality as we call it, that is an important factor.

“We changed the recent story after a tough run of results with a win, an important win especially looking at the news that came next. We have got to build on that. The time for fault and blame is gone.

“Let’s all pull together and get it done. The rise of the Toffees is important for us.

“We have got to play our part, make no mistake. [I've] never made an excuse since being here, never blamed anyone, but it is very helpful when our fans travel as they do in numbers and get behind us. I think that is a big part of what we can continue to work towards."