Steepness Of Everton Stadium Stands Revealed In Stunning Photos

Seat installations around Everton Stadium now offer a tantalising view of the steep rake of the stands.

Generous leg room is a further feature that is evident from the latest images taken from within the bowl, which show the blue seating - complete in the upper tiers - now spreading across the lower tiers of the west and north stands.

The west stand is also undergoing an external transformation, with the standing seam being installed on the roof, which entails narrow sheets rolled off a coil in three long sections and connected together, providing weather protection to the stands.

Mirroring work already undertaken in the east stand, the perforated barrel cladding is also extending, section by section, in the northern corner of the west stand.

And as the western terrace continues to take shape, waterproofing of the sweeping first floor platform on the southern section is now complete, in preparation for hard landscaping.

Meanwhile, within the fan plaza, the blue glass Kellen blocks that will give off a ‘shimmering water’ effect within the perimeter of the original Bramley-Moore Dock walls, have begun to be laid.

The installations mark the start of the second phase of lengthy works to meticulously pave the sprawling 30,000m sq plaza on the eastern edge of the stadium.

And at the entrance to the site, the Regent Road entrances are progressing well, with re-instatement of the granite following installation of the galvanised steel pedestrian gates.