Everton CEO Responds To Points Deduction Appeal Verdict

Like all Evertonians, I had been eagerly awaiting the outcome of our appeal against the disproportionate 10-point deduction that was handed to us back in November. On Monday, we learned of the Appeal Board’s decision, and we return to Goodison today for our fixture against West Ham with four points added back to our overall tally.

A great deal of time has passed since the decision of the first commission was handed down and that period has also led to much uncertainty. I would like to put on record my thanks to the many organised supporter groups and the wider fanbase for their passionate backing of the Club and the team during these challenging times.

I am also grateful for your patience and understanding throughout the process - and the proactive role the Fan Advisory Board played in submitting a statement to the Appeal Board which made very clear the impact on supporters.

We had no option but to appeal what we felt was an unjustified points deduction. But whilst navigating the legal process, and respecting that process in building what we felt was a compelling case for appeal, the uncertainty most definitely had an impact on everybody across the Club.

The amazing support and backing of fans for the team and the Club was crucial amid such uncertainty. Both at Goodison Park and in every game away from home, the support, backing, passion and commitment of every fan for the Club has never ceased to blow me away. It is what makes our club so special, and so admired.

Of course, Monday’s announcement was not the end of the journey. We are continuing to prepare our case against our second PSR charge for the accounting period that ended in June 2023, two weeks after my appointment as Interim CEO. As we also approach the crucial run-in to the campaign, the continued unity of fans, players and staff is imperative.

As our statement read earlier this week, we were particularly satisfied with the Appeal Board’s decision to overturn the original commission’s finding that the Club failed to act in utmost good faith. That - coupled with the inconsistency of the sanction when measured against past punishments meted out by the League and other governing bodies - was the main focus of our argument in the appeal hearing. It is also why we feel vindicated in pursuing the appeal with such rigour.

To that end, I would also like to thank our legal team and all those involved in supporting our appeal. I have seen first-hand the dedication, determination and care that has gone into presenting our case. That work is greatly appreciated and continues with equal gusto.

Premier League rules and legal guidance does not permit me, or the Club, to share any details at this stage of the second commission hearing, or the arguments that will be put forward. However, I assure you we will prepare the most robust case possible in our defence.

In the meantime, our focus on the pitch is in securing as many points as possible in our remaining 12 games.

Of course, we now know that we are 14 months away from our final fixture at our beloved Goodison Park. Every matchday at the Grand Old Lady will be savoured, in the knowledge it will be the most emotional of days when we say farewell. We have seen a very positive response to Season Ticket renewals for the 2024/25 campaign - further evidence of the sense of anticipation building for that historic campaign.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will share more of the plans and details of how we intend to mark our final season at Goodison in a truly memorable way.

And, of course, there is also excitement for the new stadium that awaits us – a stadium that is vital to a successful future. The commercial opportunities our new home will offer are huge. And, unlike Goodison, it will provide us with an arena that can host, entertain and offer experiences 365 days a year, significantly boosting our revenues in the process. We need to take advantage of the opportunities ahead with a clear vision to increase our commercial prowess at Everton Stadium.

There is a lot of work being done to ensure we maximise that opportunity - and fully prepare for the move. And the nature and scale of some of the new commercial opportunities - and how those opportunities will enhance the experience of attending Everton Stadium - is something we look forward to sharing.

It is an exciting time - and I thank our Commercial team for their hard work, diligence and creativity in developing and securing these opportunities.

We are also developing our plans for the process fans can follow to move into our new home. Thousands of Blues completed the migration survey we issued before Christmas - and hundreds have been engaged in focus groups held in recent weeks. That consultation process is ongoing and, once complete, will ensure our finalised plans are fair, clear and shaped by you. We look forward to developing that migration plan and sharing it in the first half of next season.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.