Significant Step For Western Terrace

The first section of concrete terracing has been laid on the spectacular western terrace at Everton Stadium.

The lower section was installed centrally on the terrace, which sits to the rear of the west stand and will eventually provide spectacular sweeping views out across the Mersey estuary.

Work has begun to construct the second phase of the build, mirroring the work already advancing in the southern half.

Around 130 tonnes of steelwork will be installed in the northern half next month, which then allow Laing O’Rourke to pour the concrete floor slab on the upper deck and drop terracing units onto the rakers that stretch all along across the western terrace.

The stadium envelope is also being completed in the northwest corner, which is the final section still to have brick panels and infill panels installed.

Internally, the 1,988th and final terracing unit was installed last week in the east stand, completing the structural elements of the bowl.

Only decorative elements, such as the seating, handrails, step blocks and glass balustrades now remain in the four stands.

And with the first lower tier seats already bolted into the north stand, the stadium continues to undergo its colourful transformation.

Watch the latest video below or by clicking here