Everton Stadium: Terrace Talk

The second half of the western terrace is under construction at Everton Stadium.

The symmetrical appearance of the exterior of the river-facing stand is taking shape, with the north half of the terrace mirroring the southern half, where the upper deck has already been installed along with concrete terrace rakers.

Later this week, the first sections of concrete terracing will be installed.

The glazing of the exterior of the south and north stands continues, with specially shaped glass being expertly fitted in the edges of the latter.

Internally, the MEP (mechanical, electrical and public services) elements of the build continue to evolve, with bars and kitchens beginning to emerge, along with the partitioning of the many restaurants and public spaces.

In the south stand, the spacious ticket office is taking shape internally in the south east corner, while the granite floor of the sprawling fan plaza is being laid at an astonishing rate, along with the steel barrel cladding on the face of the east stand.

Watch the video above or by clicking here.