My Everton #123: Inspired By Bradley's Bravery

There was never any doubt my son, Finn, would support Everton, despite the pull to the other side of the park from his mum and grandad.

Growing up, he was always jealous of his Uncle Jordie - an Evertonian, like me - going off to the match and he'd be desperate for me to take him but we had to settle for watching it on television back then.

One day, Finn saw Bradley Lowery walk out as mascot at Goodison and we had a long conversation about his illness and how unfair it was for him to have to go through what he was going through. We also spoke about the Club's support for Bradley and his family. Bradley's bravery and the way Everton rallied around him was something that definitely stuck with him.

It was fitting, then, that his first-ever trip to Goodison Park was the charity match in memory of Bradley. He even had his Liverpool-supporting grandad there as well.

I'd signed us up on the Season Ticket waiting list by that point as I knew how keen he was to go regularly. In the meantime, myself and his uncle took him to games when we could and we also did the Goodison Zip Slide event so he could get his fill of experiencing Goodison in some capacity.

Then, a couple of years ago, an unexpected email arrived in my inbox. We had been successful in getting Season Tickets... Finn was absolutely over the moon. He told all of his friends, family, neighbours - and anyone else who would listen!

That excitement was dampened slightly when, around that same time, his Uncle Jordie had accepted a new job and moved over to Dubai. Finn was devastated but promised to make sure he shouts for them both each game and he has done just that ever since. 

We’ve had a turbulent few years but his support hasn’t wavered. He races up the steps of the Upper Gwladys with his steak pie in hand every game, ready to sing every song. 

We wouldn't have it any other way.

By Jonathon Kelly, Evertonian

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