My Everton #122: Forever Your Toffee Girls

One of my earliest memories was being in the house, the sun was shining, the windows were open wide and the famous tune of Grand Old Team was roaring out into the street. Of course - as I'm sure all of our neighbours were also aware - Everton were playing.

My dad, like clockwork, was on the phone to my Uncle Ken just before kick-off to discuss how the match was going to go. His prediction every time? An Everton win.

The volume is nearly maxed out and he is commentating on the game himself. He is a Scouser of all Scousers - and his accent becomes even stronger when he is talking about his team. It's magic.

I say this was one of my earliest memories but, in truth, it was a weekly occurrence in our house. It wasn't noise, I loved it. It became music to my ears. I guess, as my dad would tell us, being a Blue was in our blood.

As my sister, Tayla, and I grew up and became teenagers, I won't pretend that we watched every single game with him - but we certainly heard what was going on from our rooms through his ongoing commentary! Looking back now, the times we did watch the games with him were truly special memories.

Our first visit to Goodison Park with Dad... Well, I don't think he'd ever been as proud. His smile from that day didn't fade for days.

By then we knew we were Blues but that just cemented those feelings further. As Pops promised me before we got to the stadium, experiencing Goodison sent shivers down my spine.

Fast-forward a few years on and the three of us got matching 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' tattoos. Sadly, my Dad recently passed away but those tattoos mean even more to my sister and I now.

I know for sure that the two things he talked about every day of his life were Everton and us, his daughters... Usually in that order!

Thanks, Dad, for showing us we have blue blood.

Forever your Toffee girls.

By Jody Smith, Evertonian

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