My Everton #119: Location Means Little

Like most international fans, my introduction to Everton Football Club came through the television screen. It was the start of the 2020/21 season, when the hiring of the legendary Carlo Ancelotti as manager put the Toffees on my radar.

As I started watching Everton week-in, week-out, what struck me most was the incredible passion exuding from fans through the television. Optimism, too. James Rodriguez's goals, Lucas Digne's deliveries, and, of course, Dominic Calvert-Lewin emerging as an elite striker brought euphoric highs during an otherwise bleak pandemic period.

The togetherness and camaraderie in victory or defeat was palpable. 

Coming from a cricket-obsessed country (India), this sense of community around a football club was endearing. The ethos of 'The People's Club' nickname also struck a chord with my rural upbringing. I saw myself and my values in the Everton faithful.

Eager to learn everything about my new favourite club, I dived into their 141-year history.

I read with awe about the School of Science philosophy and pioneers like Dixie Dean, Alan Ball, and Neville Southall. Tales of Hillsborough solidarity and intense Liverpool derbies stirred me. As I explored images of the Gwladys Street, packed with adoring fans, I understood Goodison Park was no ordinary stadium but a cathedral dedicated to the Beautiful Game's religion.

Everton took over. I began following every aspect of the Club - not just matchdays but also midweek press conferences, transfer rumours, youth academy updates, fan channel discussions... everything. Through triumphant wins and agonising defeats, these mighty Blues have put me on a rollercoaster of emotions. But with each disappointment, the unwavering passion of Evertonians inspired me rather than dimmed my support. Not even Ancelotti's shocking departure in 2021 could deter my passion. From Ancelotti to Benitez to Lampard, managerial ups and downs mirrored results on the pitch. Now I am sure we are on the perfectly right track with Sean Dyche, who has restored our identity.

The stress and jubilation I experienced watching the two dramatic survival run-in to avoid relegation was almost surreal considering I've never stepped foot inside Goodison - but location means little when you intrinsically feel part of the family. 

That is why I recently purchased a stone on Everton Way at our future home with mine and my wife's name engraved on. My wife, who is not so much of a sports person, also recognises my love for Everton and has herself become a fan now as well.

I dream of making it to see Everton in person. I hope one day soon I will make the pilgrimage to Liverpool to see Goodison Park, our new stadium at Bramley-Moore dock and walk past the famous Prince Rupert’s Tower. 

I dream of a matchday routine of visiting the Brick for a pint, stopping by the Everton One store for a new jersey, and finally finding my place among fellow supporters cheering on our Boys in Blue.

By Ankit, Evertonian

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