Dyche Hails Everton's Adaptability In Burnley Victory

Sean Dyche spoke to evertontv following Everton's impressive 2-0 win at Burnley. Here is every word from that interview...

A fourth consecutive win, a fourth consecutive away win as well. How good does that feel?

SD: I am very pleased. The most pleasing thing for me is the adaptation of the players continues to grow. We had to make numerous changes and Myko was a really late decision, so we had to change the shape and we had no time to prep it, no time to work with it. Their open-mindedness is growing all of the time. When you're in a group that isn't that or isn't confident, then you can hear rumblings of the excuses - 'We haven't done this or that', but there has been none of that at all. These players went, 'Okay, this is the shape. We're ready and we'll get on with it'. The underbelly of that pays you back and I think it is paying us back.

You spoke in the week about the players on the periphery of the team. Four players came in today and really made an impact - how pleasing is that for you?

SD: It is real. I spoke to the players and we commend them as staff because the strength of the group, often, is the strength of the people outside of the main starting XI at the current time. It's hard to put into words but the respect I have for that group looking after themselves and us... it's basically common sense but it's not easy when you're not playing to just absolutely stick to your task - train right, look after yourself - because when your chance comes, you have to go in and play well. I am so pleased for those players that came in. Keano nicks a goal - he's a very good player, Ben [Godfrey] comes in with a strong performance, Dobbo [Lewis Dobbin] gets another half, Dwight [McNeil] goes in at wing-back, I thought Amadou [Onana] was terrific today, not just his goal but the ugly side of the game with his hard work and positional sense. There was a lot to adapt to and they've had almost no time, we had a 10-minute walkthrough so for them to take it on like that today with that performance, particularly in the second half in a different way with control and tactical understanding to see it through, was very, very pleasing.

We've seen that system before at Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup earlier this season. How important is it for you to have that adaptability and flexibility with your systems?

SD: Yes. Funnily enough, I was here for a while and people always said I never changed from 4-4-2 - I did, lots of times, but once it becomes the rhetoric then nobody wants to change it. Here it is slightly different. We've got different players, different players that can play in different ways, some of them have played in different ways at different clubs - so I'm aware of that. Today was about what could we do to piece it together to make it work - and we worked on that the best we could but there's massive amount of credit for the players tonight because there was almost no time to work with the change of shape, change of tactics and there was an acceptance to do all of the things that make you win games. They're definitely learning that - different ways of winning games.

Abdoulaye Doucouré went off at half-time. Was that a fitness concern?

SD: Yes, he had a tight hamstring. He is another one that we are just going to have to wait and see. Mykolenko is touch-and-go for Tuesday, Doucs will probably be the same. We get two back [Idrissa Gana Gueye and Jarrad Branthwaite] after the suspensions but it's a tough one at the minute, particularly with the full-backs [situation].

The games are coming thick and fast over the Christmas period. Is it just a case of keeping this feeling going now?

SD: Yes, the players are feeling great as you can imagine but they're earning it. It's a brilliant feeling - I know from playing myself and I wasn't as good as these guys but you can feel it, you can sense it in the group, with the way that we're stepping on to games and the way that we're working so hard and the understanding is growing, tactically to see games through and the ability to win in different styles - and that's so pleasing for me as a manager and the rest of the staff.

A question specifically for you to finish - you've spoken about earning your spurs here and we heard your name sang in a song by another packed-out away end tonight. How nice for you was it to get a reaction like that at the end?

SD: It's a weird one for a manager coming back to former clubs anyway but, obviously, my recent past has been steeped in Burnley but, as I've said, when this new challenge came all of that got parked, not in a nasty way as I have massive respect for Burnley and so many good people who work here. But I meant what I said - I had to earn it at Burnley and I'm having to earn it here now. I'm working hard to earn it with the Evertonians and I don't mind that at all. I think slowly but surely we're earning respect, not just me but my staff and players - and that connection that I talk about endlessly is coming more authentic and deeper than ever.