My Everton #114: Boxer Watson's Blue Roots

It all began with my dad. He’s a massive Evertonian. He inherited it from my grandad, who is also a massive, massive Everton fan. He absolutely loves it.

My little brother is a Blue, but my twin brother decided to support Liverpool. There’s a little friendly twin rivalry between us, so it made it easier for me to choose to support Everton!

He’d wear the Liverpool kit; I would have my Everton kit on. We’d go into the garden and have a kick about and it brought us together.

Growing up, me and my dad would go to Goodison, and I can’t remember much of the games, but I always remember that feeling of a community.

My dad would take me into the pub before the game, seeing his pals with their Everton shirts on and I would always remember the people and how this Club brought them together.

The way people talk about Everton and get behind the team, that drove me to support the Blues.

This Club also helped me and my dad bond growing up, and that bond slowly came into my boxing career and his support has helped me get to where I am today.

He was the one who brought me into the boxing gym for the first time and while my rivalry with my twin, Curtis, could have played a small part of triggering my interest, I fell in love with boxing like I had done with Everton years before.

My dad has always been keen for us to get involved in sports – my little brother plays for Everton College – and he was always willing to make that sacrifice for us. Traveling up and down the country, watching us compete and always being there to support me and my siblings.

I’ll always be grateful for that, and it all started from going to the Everton games when we were younger.

The feeling of a community is present in the world of boxing, too. People get behind you and it’s inspiring. That drives me to get better and create special nights with those who matter most by my side.

I’ve got a big fight coming up and while there are some nerves, there is also a massive feeling of excitement.

It’s going to be a great night and I’ve been working tirelessly to get to this moment.

I must admit it’s easier stepping into the ring than watching Everton play at times as I can influence the outcome when it comes to boxing!

Hopefully I can put in a great performance, win my first title, and keep making those steps forward.

One of those steps hopefully being a fight in Liverpool or even at the new stadium, that would be a dream come true.

I would love for that to happen, it’s a big goal of mine. Who knows what the future holds but for me to make that happen, I’ve got to keep putting in the work and taking steps forward in my career.

It’s definitely a dream I have in the back of my mind, and I’ll keep working towards making it a reality one day.

By Chloe Watson, Evertonian and professional boxer

Lifelong Blue Watson will face Justine Lallemand for the European flyweight title on Friday 1 December at the Toughsheet Community Stadium in Bolton (live on Channel 5).

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