Dyche Hails Role Of 'Brilliant' Evertonians

Sean Dyche has heaped praise on Everton fans for the unwavering support they have given his team during what has been a difficult couple of weeks and stated rewarding them with "winning performances" is the collective primary focus.  

Evertonians have rallied around the Club emphatically in the past two weeks following the news of the Premier League commission's decision to deduct the Blues 10 points. 

In Everton's first game since that announcement, against Manchester United on Sunday, supporters turned Goodison Park into a cauldron of noise and created an electrifying atmosphere to greet the players. 

Although luck was not on the Blues' side as they fell to a somewhat unfortunate 3-0 defeat, Dyche was keen to commend supporters for the way in which they've responded and supported the team, despite the obvious disappointment they, like the rest of the Club, feel. 

"The fans were brilliant," said Dyche to evertontv. "There is a lot going on for them to take. We all know the feeling around football, not just ourselves and our fans but the feeling across the wider game of how unjust it all is. 

"We have to keep rewarding the fans with good performances and winning performances. That will be the focus going forward."

Sean Dyche
The mentality is firm and it's got to remain firm going forward.

A win on Sunday could have seen Everton climb into the top half of the Premier League table, instead, they're now five points from safety inside the relegation zone.

That highlights the significant impact the decision has had on Everton's position in the table. Yet, while Dyche acknowledged the initial adverse impact the deduction had on the group, he reiterated that the focus has already switched to overcoming that adversity. 

"At the end of the day, we have got to park it," explained Dyche. "We have to keep moving forward. I think there were signs of that [against United]. Even 3-0 down, the team hit the bar, we were still asking questions and trying to take the game on. So the mentality is firm and it's got to remain firm going forward quite obviously. 

"It's a big knock. But the fans have been brilliant since I got here, especially recently. We have rewarded them with some good points, albeit with the caveat of what has happened [points deduction]. 

"Compared to recent seasons, there have been some good points put on the board early in the season, with good performances. We have to keep doing that. I don't expect a free hit now because of what has gone on."