What The Papers Say - 20 November

The views on this page are taken from the local and national media and do not necessarily reflect the views of Everton.

The fallout continues as media outlets react to the ruling of the Premier League commission to impose an immediate deduction of 10 points from Everton for a breach of the league’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules

Journalist Alan Myers has labelled the punishment as “excessive, disproportionate and unreasonable”.

“The 10 point deduction is not about: overspending, mismanagement, sporting advantage, or whether there was guilt or not,” explained Myers on his X account.

“Simply, it’s about an excessive, disproportionate and unreasonable punishment for the offence committed.”

Elsewhere, journalist Paul Quinn raises questions over the commission hearing being prejudiced before handing Everton a 10-point deduction.

Writing for The Guardian, he explained: “Prejudice - the reporting of a potential 12-point penalty by the media during the hearing. How can that not be prejudicial? The report was accurate, that was the penalty the Premier League was seeking.

“Proportionality - how proportional is a 10-point penalty given the partial acceptance of some of the mitigating factors, but particularly the complexity of the case? More than 28,000 documents were included in the hearing bundle. This was not a simple case of dishonest dealings or a clear intent to cheat Everton’s competitors.

“Presumptive punishment - the immediate imposition of the sporting sanction, the 10-point penalty is surely presumptive? What if, on appeal, a second commission finds in favour of Everton, partially or completely? Does this not affect sporting integrity?”

Quinn further added: “Each of these points alone are significant enough to question the validity of the commission’s decision. Combined, they provide a compelling case for harsh, or even injustice.

“Everton have been penalised for poor decision-making - poor governance playing a huge part.

“How ironic if the Premier League was, in turn, damaged, its reputation and integrity brought into question due to the poor decision and poor governance of this commission?”

Writing in the Sunday Mirror, Chief Sports Writer Andy Dunn called the punishment “draconian”.

“The punishment handed out to Everton for their breach of Premier League rules is not just excessive, it is draconian,” explained Dunn.

“It also smacks of the Premier League - who appoint the so-called independent commission that administered the 10-point deduction - trying to prove it can regulate itself rigorously.

“The savage penalty will also elicit an impassioned response from Everton fans at their next home game - a match against Manchester United next Sunday.”