Remembering Evertonian Shaun Loughran

Everton fan Shaun Loughran, who raised more than £4,000 through his charity work, passed away earlier this month.

Suffering from cancer, Shaun was determined to aid the charities who had helped him, and consequently generated an incredible amount through his fundraising efforts.

His treatment for bowel and liver cancer was halted in October of last year when a scan revealed a tumour at the back of his head.

After the operation was successful, Shaun – a keen football fan – began a daily keepy-uppy challenge to raise funds for the Bobby Moore Fund to aid Cancer Research.

He performed the challenge at a number of northern landmarks, including Liverpool Cathedral, Snowdonia, St Asaph Cathedral & Ruthin Castle in north Wales - and even Anfield.

A trip to Goodison Park during November of last year provided Shaun with an unforgettable experience, as he met one of his Everton heroes, Graham Stuart, before performing his keepy-uppy challenge on the pitch.

His sister, Siobhan, remembers Shaun’s trip to Goodison and recalled: “He really enjoyed doing the charity challenges in different locations. It gave him a zest for life by having something like that to look forward to every day.

“The pinnacle of it was when he got to do the keepy-uppies on the pitch at Goodison. It was a priceless moment for him. He couldn’t stop smiling on the day and it was a great honour for him to be there. He was a bit nervous at first and couldn’t quite get his rhythm going with the keepy-uppies, but he got there in the end! It was a massive highlight of his journey and he’d always talk about it.”

Siobhan added: “He was really pleased with the amount of money he raised for charity, and it was something he was looking forward to doing again – different challenges for different charities that had helped him over the years.

“He was a massive inspiration and a true friend to everyone who knew him. We’ve had into the thousands of tributes sent, and they say about how he could give strength to others at times when things weren’t going positively for himself.

“There are many people who have described him as their best friend. He was a really great friend to everyone; a massive Evertonian; a great dad to his children Grace and Oliver; a loving husband to his wife Jenni, and a real family man.”

The thoughts of everyone at Everton Football Club are with Shaun’s family and friends at this sad time.