Learns Pillar To Tackle Education Inequalities

Everton in the Community this week launched the Trinity Project, a five-year mission which wagers a relentless battle towards tackling poverty, inequality and health disparity.

The Trinity project will see the charity embark on a bold and transformative mission which will be carried out through three powerful pillars each designed to create a lasting impact and bring positive change to the communities we serve.

Under the charity's Learns pillar, Everton in the Community is dedicated to breaking down barriers and expanding access to education for all ages. It will offer a range of programmes, both school-based and lifelong, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Many children are well below the Liverpool average in achieving their Early Learning Goals and, when compared with the national level, that gap rises to more than 10%.

In the Liverpool Walton constituency, for example, the percentage of pupils achieving Attainment 8 at GCSE is 37.6% - more than 15% below the national average.

Too many children are being left behind in our region - and spend their lives struggling to catch up.

In parts of our city, only around a quarter of young people are currently reaching some stage of higher education before the age of 19, with the English average 13% higher and the UK average higher still.

Amongst adults, in parts of north Liverpool almost a third of the local working-age population have no formal qualifications at all. 

The figures speak for themselves, and over the next five years Everton in the Community’s learns pillar will seek to form a network of opportunities and collaborations to promote lifelong learning for the benefit of the whole community. 

Watch below to find out more about Learns.