Dyche: Let's Change Everton Narrative

Sean Dyche has challenged his squad to "change the story" at Everton and labelled Saturday's game against Bournemouth as an ideal "opportunity" to do so. 

The Everton boss was left frustrated on Saturday afternoon after the Blues once again bettered their opponents from a performance perspective but failed to secure the positive result they deserved. 

Everton hit 23 shots in the game - a season-high so far - but scored just one goal while conceding from the two shots on target they faced. 

Although that sort of dominance should be delivering a routine three points, Dyche was in no mood to make excuses and told that being more efficient at both ends of the pitch will be key to changing the narrative around the Club. 

"Stats don't win games, the scoreline is what is key," he stated. "Working in both boxes, it can't just be one box, we have to work in both. That's the bit I have been challenging players with constantly since I got here. 

"The biggest frustration [about Saturday] for me is we started so strongly against Brentford with a great result, then another one on Wednesday against Aston Villa. [The Luton game] was a great opportunity to step on and play with the shoulders back and confidence. 

"The crowd were amazing. The crowd were waiting, they are going, 'Go on then lads.' But then we just go a bit flat, a bit toothless, what's that all about? It drives me mad, to be perfectly honest. But Bournemouth is another opportunity to change the story."

The Luton contest was a chance for the Blues to register three successive wins for the first time since September 2021. Dyche admitted letting that opportunity to build on two great performances pass them by was evidence of an ongoing theme - one which he and his staff are keen to eradicate. 

"It feels like it's been one step forward, two steps back," he explained. "Rather than two steps forward one back, which you'd sometimes take. We have to do more than that. 

"That's on us to change the story. I can't reiterate it enough, because it needs it. This story has been here for two years, and I have mentioned it consistently. We have a chance to change it. 

"We showed signs last week [at Brentford],  we showed signs during the week [at Aston Villa], and Saturday was another great chance to change the whole feel, but we didn't and we are back looking to the next one calling it the most important one - they are all important. 

"We're back at Goodison on Saturday. We want to be playing there, giving the fans goals and wins, that's what we have to change."