Major Changes Across Stadium Site

Work is now underway to install the outer roof sections in the north stand at Everton Stadium.

As one of a raft of changes across the whole site, the steel standing seam sheets are being meticulously rolled out from a shipping container hoisted at roof height, across the 170m section of the stand. Each section is then crimped together to form a watertight outer shell.

Meanwhile, at ground level - complementing the decorative cobbles that run adjacent to the boundary wall - the first granite floor slabs have been laid in the north east corner of the substantial fan plaza.

These will spread out across the plaza in the coming months, by which time the last steel section of the east stand roof will be installed and the remaining large cranes will be able to vacate site.

Elsewhere, the western terrace is taking shape quickly, following the installation of the concrete raker beams.

These will soon support concrete terracing units, which will provide a breathtaking stepped terrace that sweeps down from the first level of the west stand towards a water channel that is to reinstate the north-south water connectivity, adjacent to the River Mersey.

As the race to make the stadium watertight intensifies, the first sections of external glazing have been installed in both the north and south stands.

In the latter, the entire upper concourse is being fitted with large glass panels that will offer amazing views of the city, while the north stand features a large, glazed section at the rear, stretching from the top tier of seating to the roof sections.

A project high of over 1,000 workers are now on site, as the internal fit-out gathers pace, with level three of the west stand now fully portioned into the myriad of room and open spaces.

Power will soon be pulled to all sections of the site, while internal floors are being screeded in readiness for occupation.