Q&A: Danjuma Details Next Steps For Blues

Ahead of Saturday's match against Luton Town, Arnaut Danjuma discussed what Everton must do to build on their recent victories, as well as how he's settled since signing for the Club, and what it's like playing under manager Sean Dyche.

Q. Everton managed to secure back-to-back wins in the past two games. Does that change the mood around the Club and around the training ground?

AD: Yes, of course it does. We were always close to getting that first win. There were a couple of games at the beginning of the season where we put in a good performance, but didn’t get the result. Football is ruthless, so we’re happy to finally get the win and get the points.

I think we’re going towards the right direction now.

Q. After those victories, is there more belief in the squad now? And how important is that?

AD: Belief is the most important. We have amazing players and it’s an amazing Club. The facilities are great and the fans are amazing, so the foundations have always been there for the players to perform. It’s just that bit of belief that sometimes isn’t there, but I think it's increasing every day. It shows because we’ve won the last two games now.

It goes hand in hand. Once you start winning games, you get more belief, and once you get more belief, you win more games. 

Q. What was the message from the manager after those close games early in the season that you didn't win?

AD: It was the same. Nowadays, in modern football, there are so many stats that can give you a clear insight on the game. We had many amazing stats, but not the results. Based on the stats, we were always close to getting a win. We had many shots on target and we had many expected goals.

It’s always a process in football. It’s difficult to flick a switch and win every game, but we always knew we were close to getting results and winning games. We’ve finally got that momentum that we need to build on, and to make sure we also build some consistency.

Q. How important is it to get the home form back on track with a result against Luton?

AD: I don’t think many teams are comfortable coming to Goodison Park. It’s a tough place to play, but as I said earlier, I think we’re getting more belief back now. That’ll get the fans going, which will get the players going, and that will only make it tougher for teams to come to Goodison Park, which for me, is already feared anyway.

We need to build upon our momentum, get the entire stadium and the fans going, and make sure we’re in the best place possible to get another win.

We’re getting closer and closer to where we want to be. We’re still early in the season and there are still a lot of improvements to be had. There are players to come back from injury. With myself, I missed the majority of pre-season, so I have to make sure I’m getting fitter every day to make sure I can help the team in the best way possible.

We have to learn from the past and make sure we build upon it. I think that’s what we’re doing. We could’ve started the season better, but we need to keep going, and those two wins will have brought us belief.

Q. How have you settled in since signing for Everton?

AD: Pretty easily, to be honest with you. Ever since I came here, everyone has been very welcoming – the players and the Club. Everyone has really helped me to settle in.

I don’t think I knew anyone personally before I arrived, but I’ve competed against some of them before. I spoke to a couple of players before joining, so I kind of knew a couple of them.

You always have to adapt a little bit, but England is easy to adapt to because the people are very welcoming. The country is very easy to live in. Everton as a football club welcomed me in the best way possible, so now it’s up to me.

Q. You nearly came to the Club in January. How did it feel when you finally got the move in July?

AD: I think it made it more beautiful for me to join the Club when I did, and I genuinely mean that. Obviously, everyone knows I was close to joining in January, but then didn’t due to the situation with the manager back then, and that was very important to me. For me, it’s very important to know how I’ll be playing under a manager.

At the time, it wasn’t meant to be, but I think it’s second time lucky, and I think it only makes it more beautiful to join when I did.

Q. You scored your first Everton goal against Doncaster, and then added another at Sheffield United. How did that feel and are you looking forward to your first goal at Goodison?

AD: It was a great feeling. I hope to contribute with as many goals and assists I can to help the Club in the best way I can. Scoring is always the best feeling for any attacker. For me, I think the future is really bright – not only from the team’s perspective, but for me as an individual as well.

With the way it’s going now, I hope there will be more goals for me, and I hope they will be at Goodison, too.