Stenevik On Perfect Blues System

Elise Stenevik is thoroughly enjoying Everton’s pre-season campaign and has praised the coaching staff and players alike for generating a highly-competitive environment. 

The Blues are six weeks into their preparations ahead of the next month’s Women’s Super League opener against Brighton & Hove Albion. 

A recent test at the weekend against Manchester United once again underlined the levels of intensity and desire demanded by boss Brian Sørensen.

One of the impressive displays came from Everton’s Norwegian defender, who has enjoyed a consistent run of games during the off-season. 

Speaking to evertontv following Saturday’s pre-season encounter, Stenevik believes the groups has found an ideal fit with regards to their style of play. 

“The way we try and play with the ball, I couldn’t ask for anything better because it’s so fun,” she said. 

“Every training session is so enjoyable. We bring that into games and [so far] we see that partly [come into our performances]. The aim is to implement that throughout the whole game.  

“I really enjoy it and I think the rest of the girls do too.” 

Since the appointment of Sørensen and his coaching staff last summer, various members of the squad have been tested in new roles. 

Stenevik is no exception. Traditionally a full-back, the 23-year-old began Saturday’s contest as a centre-back before transitioning into a wing-back later in the match. 

She – like many others in the squad – is relishing this new challenge and believes knowledge of different positions can only strengthen the chemistry within the side. 

“My main position would be a full-back in a four-back line. That’s why playing as a centre back in a three back line and as a wingback is really great,” Stenevik continued. 

“You get a lot of defence work as a centre back and can explore that offensive side as a wingback which is a lot of fun.  

“I really like it because if I play centre back, I know exactly what I want from a wingback because I play there as well, so it’s easy to communicate. 

“I played most of the game with Gabby [George] as a wingback and she’s played as a centre back as well, so it’s really easy to cooperate with her. 

“We’re both on the same page because we both understand the positions. That’s really great because, for example, if you play a pure winger as a wingback, they haven’t played defence. It then becomes a bit harder to communicate.  

“With the rotations within the team, I think it’s going to be great.” 

The Toffees have now entered their final month of pre-season preparations ahead of the new league campaign. 

While the hard work will continue behind the scenes until then, Stenevik cannot wait to get the new season under way. 

“I can’t wait. It’s now only a month left to go,” she added. 

“We just have to put everything we have into training in the last month and get us in the best shape as possible physically, mentally, tactically. 

“I feel we’re closer this year [to the quality at the top of the table] and that’s what we’re going push for.  

“We don’t want to just keep our position as number six in the league, we want to challenge the top four because they’re great teams and we want to get on their level. 

“It takes time, it takes practice, and it takes intensity like in our performance against Manchester United. 

“This season is going to be fun.”