All You Need To Know About KICK

Here's all you need to know about Everton's shirt sleeve partner, KICK...

What is KICK?

KICK is a community-driven live streaming platform. Regarded as the fastest growing streaming platform, KICK has 15 million registered accounts and more than 80 million site visits per month. On average there are 10,000 channels broadcasting live at any one time.

What is KICK’s vision?

KICK was launched with the aim of reinventing the live streaming space. With an innovative ‘creator-first’ model, KICK offers content creators a favourable and unrivalled 95-5 split, while also giving them freedom to promote other brand partnerships. Ultimately, KICK’s vision is to become widely recognised as the home of live streaming.

By working with Everton, KICK will be able to promote its platform to a global audience, with more sporting content creators building more of a footprint on KICK.

What kind of content can I expect to find on KICK?

Streaming platforms offer content creators the chance to exhibit their passion. KICK covers everything from talking about sports, music and life through to elite players streaming their latest successes on computer games such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Fortnite and FIFA/EA Sports FC.

How can I access KICK?

KICK is an online platform and can be accessed via its website - - or via the KICK app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

How does KICK differ from other streaming platforms, such as Twitch?

KICK’s unique selling point is its subscription revenue split. Content creators keep 95 per cent of the revenue they earn, whereas on other platforms, like Twitch and YouTube, creators may only retain up to 50 per cent. The platform has already generated $15million in subscriptions for creators since its launch.

Moreover, KICK prides itself on having more direct lines of communication with its creators than its competitors do. This has helped to foster a strong community spirit amongst creators and their communities.  

How popular has the platform been since its launch?

Within 24 hours of its beta launch in October 2022, KICK generated more than 200,000 sign ups. With many content creators shifting their channels to the new platform, audiences began to grow and, in just 69 days, KICK had one million registered active users – something that took Spotify five months to achieve, Facebook 10 months and Netflix three-and-a-half years.

KICK is highly ranked within the app charts and has recently outperformed, Soundcloud and Bloomberg.

In June, there were more than 82 million hours of streams watched.

Is KICK a safe space for its users, and is the content moderated?

Yes, KICK has a variety of tools on its moderation dashboard which give creators and moderators the ability to ‘self-police’ their communities. This includes the ability to ban certain words from appearing in the live chat and ‘allow-listing’, which essentially means users and their devices can be banned for unacceptable behaviour.

Moderators are easy to contact via Discord, email and in many instances in real time via live chat and, moreover, creators can age-gate their channels by putting an age-limit on some or all of their streams.

What can Everton fans expect to see from this partnership?

The agreement will allow Everton to step into world of global streaming and esports by collaborating with some of the world’s most recognised content creators on a platform that has 15 million plus active registered users and more than 80 million site visits per month.

Evertonians can look forward to exclusive behind-the-scenes content and opportunities of interaction with players and brand ambassadors as part of this partnership.

The KICK logo will debut on the shirt sleeves for Everton’s home pre-season friendly with Sporting CP on Saturday 5 August (3pm BST). Everton Women and Everton Under-21s will also sport the KICK brand on their sleeves for the start of their respective seasons.

The Club’s partnership with KICK will see the streaming platform become part of the Club’s global portfolio of partners and feature across Everton’s digital spaces, in addition to locations at Goodison Park, Walton Hall Park and the Club’s Finch Farm training complex.

Does KICK have any other sporting partnerships?

KICK recently entered into a partnership with Sauber Motorsport’s Formula 1 team. The partnership offers KICK branding opportunities on the F1 car, as well as the opportunity of creating content with the team’s drivers.