Cabling Marks Another Everton Stadium Milestone

The first permanent internal cabling has marked another milestone as the fit-out at Everton Stadium gathers pace.

Work is well under way on several levels in both the east and west stands, with ducting, wiring, walls and even lifts installations taking place.

The first lift is due to be commissioned this week and the wiring, for localised Wi-Fi boxes around the bowl, is yet another marker that the focus is now on turning the stadium build into a building.

Within the stadium bowl, lower-tier terracing is edging closer to pitch level with the first concrete sections dropped into the north stand, while lower tier raker beams to support the terracing are now also evident in the south stand.

Steel sections of the barrel roof continue to spread across the roof of the east stand. Installed piece by piece, each section will give the roof structure a curved effect in the same way that has already been achieved in the west stand. 

At the same time, the cantilever roof trusses continue to be pieced together in the west stand as the structure takes shape, while the standing seam roof system of interlocking sections spread atop the north stand.

Meanwhile, the top of the west stand has seen the first of a series of window frames that will stretch across the stand installed, which will offer jaw-dropping views out on to the River Mersey. 

Window and door frames are also being fitted across the pitch-facing rooms as the major transition to making the building watertight continues.

Infill backing panels have now also been installed between the vertical brick facades in the west stand, which will eventually finish the exterior appearance and provide a contrast across all four stands.

Watch the latest video update from the Everton Stadium via the player below or by clicking here.