Latest Drone Footage Shows Stadium Progress

Work has commenced on the roof barrel in the east stand at Everton Stadium.

The first sections were installed this week as the east stand begins to mirror the barrelled roof in the west stand and complete the overall shape of the iconic curved roof.

The east stand has moved into the next phase, with the first two interlinked sections of cantilevered roof sections now in place.

These giant trusses, each up to 60-metres long, are being assembled on the pitch area before being attached to the barrel roof and form the steel canopy that extends and spans over the top of the seating.

Meanwhile, in the south stand, the first two raker beams to reach ground level have been bolted into place.

The steel beams, which will hold the terracing units, show for the first time the steep incline of the full stand, which will eventually house 13,000 Evertonians to offer grandstand views of the action.

Support trestles that have been in situ to assist with the south-stand roof installations are now being lowered, leaving behind a fully self-supporting roof at both ends of the stadium.

In the north stand, which was the first to have all roof sections installed, work is underway to install the framework for the megascreen, while safety nets are being secured below the roofing steelwork to allow roofers to commence the permanent roof coverings.

Externally, the renovated Hydraulic Tower can now been seen in all its glory following the removal of the protective scaffolding.

The adjoining Engine House has also had a new zinc roof attached, ensuring the building is now watertight for remedial internal works.