What The Papers Say - 26 May

The views on this page are taken from the local and national media and do not necessarily reflect the views of Everton.

Alex Iwobi says that Seamus Coleman has remained a voice of leadership and motivation around the Club – even after the knee injury he sustained at Leicester City earlier this month.

Quoted by the Liverpool ECHO, Iwobi explained the vital role of the Blues’ skipper.

“He is basically Everton,” said Iwobi, describing Coleman. “Seamus has been hobbling around on his crutches, coming into the changing room, and trying to keep us motivated.

“One thing about us, and Seamus always reminds us, is that we can only focus on ourselves and not listen to outside noise.

“He is always cheering us on, and we can see what it means to him. So, we are fighting for everyone at Everton to make sure we stay in the Premier League. Everyone is focused and ready for the game.

“He is always reminding us how so many people are affected by our results and what it means to Evertonians, to him, the people upstairs, the staff and what it should mean to us. He always reminds us that the least we can do is put 100 per cent in.

“The last talk he gave was before the Wolves game. He will 100-per-cent speak to us before Bournemouth. He will probably talk before the game and that will definitely kick us off.”

Iwobi recognises the impact of a noisy Goodison Park and knows the players will be boosted again on Sunday by the Everton supporters.

He added: “When Goodison Park is electric, we feel it on the pitch. Everyone is probably doing that extra bit of running, moving that extra mile to make a tackle.

“We definitely feel it when they are chanting, we say things to each other on the pitch. We are going to need that good atmosphere again, definitely.”

Elsewhere in the Liverpool ECHO, Chris Beesley writes a piece on Sunday’s Premier League final fixtures.

He discusses the permutations ahead of the games involving Everton, Leeds United and Leicester City.

Beesley explained: “Everton’s players know they simply have to win on Sunday and their Premier League status will be secure but it’s imperative that they ensure the importance of the game to the club works in their favour.

"Out of the 27 potential win/lose/draw scenarios over the three fixtures, 17 of the permutations keep Everton up.

"However, they don’t have to be concerned with how far the odds are in their favour if they take care of business themselves."