Mykolenko Meets Duo Delivering Life-Saving Ukrainian Aid

Everton defender Vitalii Mykolenko has met two volunteers who have been delivering life-saving humanitarian aid to his native Ukraine.

Stuart Davison and Ian Wilson, from Emergency Ukraine, visited Finch Farm to tell the left-back about their incredible efforts to collect aid and drive across Europe to deliver it to those in need.

Stuart set up Emergency Ukraine last year after feeling compelled to help those who had lost their homes and loved ones as a result of Russia’s invasion of their homeland.

The Yorkshireman, who has funded the trips from his own savings, has since assembled a team of friends who are helping with the mission and, together, they have delivered tonnes of aid, including medical supplies, warm bedding, food, clothes and even ex-NHS ambulances, quad bikes and generators.

The selfless group are making the journey to Ukraine again next month with ample supplies for an orphanage.

Stuart said: “We were pleased to tell Vitalii about the work we’ve been doing to help those in his homeland. People there need so much help and we are going to keep delivering to them, no matter what.”

Vitalii was moved by their incredible efforts and expressed his gratitude for the dedication and bravery of all the volunteers at Emergency Ukraine.

You can help Stuart and the team by making a donation here.