Terracing Close To Completion On All Upper Levels

Work on installing the terracing units at upper levels of Everton Stadium is close to completion.

Only a few units are still to be lowered into place in the top tier of the east stand, to complete the appearance of the bowl following the completion of the roof trusses.

The north stand roof is now fully self-supporting after the temporary trestles were removed, with the south stand set to follow imminently.

Meanwhile, the barrel roofing sections continue to spread on the west stand, with the east stand now being cleared ready for Severfield to start the barrel roof.

Elsewhere on site, the two rainwater harvesting tanks, located underground between the east stand and the Hydraulic Tower, are now strapped into place.

Concrete has been poured to encase the tanks in a complex process that simultaneously saw the tanks filled with water, to equalise the external pressure and avoid the tanks being crushed. A concrete slab at ground level will then complete the installation process.

Scaffolding that has clad the Hydraulic Tower and Engine House since the early days of the project is also set to be stripped back to first floor level this week, where the new zinc roof is complete and a new roof on the station master’s office is being fitted.

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