Everton Welcomes Fan Engagement Standard

Everton Football Club welcomes the launch of the Premier League’s Fan Engagement Standard.      

The new standard aims to reinforce all 20 Premier League clubs' commitment to ensuring long-term meaningful engagement with supporters. The introduction of the Fan Engagement Standard was unanimously approved by all the clubs in November 2022.    

The framework, which builds on the existing work of clubs, will establish a clear required standard for fan engagement and promote the sharing of good practices.   

In response to meeting the requirements of the standard, Everton - in consultation with supporters’ groups – will deliver a ‘Fan Engagement Plan’ prior to the start of the 2023/24 season.   

The plan will set out how the Club listens and communicates with supporters while also reaffirming to Club’s continued commitment to fan engagement and facilitating in-depth consultation between Club officials and supporters.   

In the meantime, the Club’s Fan Engagement team will continue to work with supporters to obtain fan perspectives and seek input that will help inform, shape and guide the plan alongside wider Club decision-making on matters that impact Evertonians.   

The Club has closely monitored the findings of the Government’s Fan-Led Review which identified 10 strategic and 47 detailed recommendations for football. Working with supporters’ groups, the Club is confident it will be able to implement all the club-facing recommendations, with many of them already in place at Everton including the formation of the Premier League’s first independently elected Fan Advisory Board (FAB).   

Everton’s discussions with the FAB will focus on short, medium and long-term strategic matters giving supporters a voice in, and an understanding of, some of the decision-making that directly impacts Evertonians. With at least four meetings a year with the Club, the FAB is able to challenge the Club’s most senior representatives in an appropriate manner.   

Alongside the FAB, ongoing liaison with fan and stakeholder groups will continue. Each supporter and stakeholder group has structured dialogue with the Club at the most appropriate level, be that with Board Members, CEO’s office, the Fan Engagement Team or at a more operational level.   

The groups with structured dialogue represent more than 100,000 supporters around the world and includes the Everton Fans’ Forum, the Everton Heritage Society, the Supporters’ Club Committees in the UK, The Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia-Pacific, the Junior Fans’ Forum, the Everton Disabled Supporters’ Association and the Everton Shareholders’ Association.   

In addition to the regular and direct dialogue with fan groups and Shareholders, the delivery of a multi-tiered series of engagement events aimed at delivering experiences tailored for supporters of all ages – and locations – will form part of the Club’s ongoing engagement planning.   

Earlier today the independent and well-respected Fan Engagement Index recognised Everton as the joint current leading Premier League club for fan engagement. The index rates all 92 league clubs based on publicly available data for their dialogue with supporters.