Everton Stadium Gears up for Roof Work

Everton Stadium is gearing up for the next roofing sections to be installed in the west stand and link the north and south.

Steelwork on top of the four-level west stand is quickly extending across the structure, with concrete terracing units also shaping the upper tier.

Meanwhile, ‘A frame’ sections are being prepared on the ground on the western terrace, adjacent to the stand. These will eventually be fixed to the west stand roof slab to support the final level of terracing and also connect to the barrel section of roof steel, which creates the curved profile.

The third roof truss in the south stand, comprising of three individual sections, will be the next element of roof work to take place, with the full-span truss set to be completed by Easter.

Internally, work continues on the internal spaces on the lower level of the east and west stands, with stud walls and the MEP units also being installed in the roof spaces.

Externally, the bricklayers are rebuilding the former station master’s house in the neighbouring Hydraulic Engine House, while a timber roof has been installed atop the structure.