My Everton #75: So Get Your Coat On...

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The best game of my life.

I’d never been to an away game before, and I was mad for it. When my dad told me we had tickets for last season's game at Leicester City, I just couldn’t believe it. Not only that, we were going with a group of my best mates and their dads.

It took ages to get there, three trains and a lot of walking, but when we did, we stopped at a pub with loads of other Everton fans in there. I thought it was starting to get loud, but I didn’t know what was coming.

We got to the ground and my dad took me and my friends around to see the stadium. We walked down to the edge and a steward let us go right next to the pitch for a photo. And it was the Everton photographer that walked by and took the picture too (I'm on the far left)!

We were all paired up, but sat apart from each other, and it’s when we went our separate ways that the nerves started to kick in. It didn’t last too long though.

‘So get your coat on, and get moving'... It was so loud! And it didn’t stop. All game. Mykolenko's goal made it louder - and Holgate’s louder again.

Pickford was class in the second half. We were right behind two of the shots against him, one was definitely from Mendy and that save was unreal.

The full time whistle went, we’d won a HUGE game 2-1. We knew Leeds had lost too. We just sang and sang and sang. No one left their seats for ages – and even the manager came back out to see us again.

We went back to the same pub on the way home and someone had brought along a footy, so about 50 of us all played on the concrete outside while the whole pub carried on singing again and again.

We spoke to a lot of Leicester fans on the way home – they said they’d never heard anything like it. They were right too. We watched some highlights on my Dad’s phone on the way home and it was all that we could hear.

The best game of my life so far.

By Jackson James, Evertonian (aged 9)

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