Dyche's Verdict On Anfield Reverse

Sean Dyche believes showing more bravery in possession is the next step for his side following Monday night’s 2-0 defeat at Anfield - and remains confident there is plenty more to come from the group going forward.   

The Blues fell behind through a huge piece of misfortune late in the first half after a James Tarkowski header hit the post before bouncing fortuitously for the home team to help spring a dangerous counter-attack that led to Mohamed Salah’s goal.    

The Everton boss admitted that was a crucial sequence in the contest that had a significant impact on the outcome of the result.   

“It’s not a game defined in one moment [the first goal], but it was a big moment,” said Dyche.   

“At that stage, we had just calmed the game down. They were on top a little bit without opening us too many times. The shape was decent, the work ethic was decent.   

“We were playing as well as we had hoped to with the ball. We cause trouble at the set-piece, that’s another weapon for us. We don’t react as quickly as them though, we know they can do that.   

“Then it is a misread from Jordan Pickford and then they are in front.”  

Liverpool’s second shortly after the restart also came from a fast break, and Dyche admits it’s something he aims to improve looking to the future.

“Working on transition in the Premier League is one of my many obsessions about what we are going to try and do," he continued.

"I did speak to the players about how we have got to improve that. I think that was on show in both goals.   

"They smothered us a bit with possession, we could have given a technical foul to break up their play, but then they break away and get a goal. Conor maybe thinks there is no lad behind him and steps off it, which is unfortunate because that’s early in the second half. “   

Despite the disappointing nature of the result, Dyche says he and his staff will remain level-headed when evaluating the game, aware they’ve been at the Club for a short period of time and that there is plenty more work to be done.   

“We kept at it," he added. "There’s more to come, I am sure of that,” he explained. “The mentality is good, but we have to play as well. I said to the players at half-time, we want to work, we want to fight but you have to play as well.   

"That next step is to be brave with the ball not just without the ball.   

“We've only been here for a short time and we've asked a lot of the players.   

"It's been quite a big change in terms of what we feel is correct going forward. There's been a lot of information given. I don't think it just clicks overnight. 

"Last week we beat Arsenal and I wasn't jumping for joy - I know there's work to be done. I think there was a sign of that tonight but there was no lack of effort, no lack of work ethic.   

"It's still tough coming here, I know they've had an indifferent time but they're still a good side."