How To Join Everton’s Season Ticket Waiting List

Joining The Waiting List 

Everton's Season Ticket Waiting List is split into two ‘tiers’. 

Tier One is reserved for Official Members, with priority determined by the date a supporter originally registered to be on the Waiting List. 

If, at any point, someone in Tier One relinquishes their Official Member status, they will drop to Tier Two.  

Tier Two is comprised of all non-Members registered on the Waiting List, and, again, this is ordered by the original registration date.

If, at any point, someone in Tier Two becomes an Official Member, they will automatically be elevated to Tier One.  

To join the Waiting List, click here.

Already On The Waiting List? 

If you are already on the Season Ticket Waiting List, we know what you’ll be thinking. Is this the year you’ll finally get a seat?   

Exactly how many seats will be made available to new Season Ticket Members in 2023/24 will depend on the rate of renewals.  

Last season, only a very limited number of Season Tickets became available, such was the demand to renew.

Should Season Tickets become available for 2023/24, supporters at the top of Tier One of the Season Ticket Waiting List will be offered the opportunity to purchase from Monday 15 May 2023.   

To find out more about the Season Ticket Waiting List and how it works, or to register, click here.

More information about 2023/24 Season Tickets, including prices, payment options and benefits, can be found here.