Coady: We're Desperate To Put Things Right

Conor Coady insists Blues players must show the fight and spirit displayed against Manchester United in every game they play to give everything for Evertonians.

Frank Lampard's side exited the FA Cup on Friday night following their third round 3-1 defeat at Old Trafford but not before a display full of fight and spirit. 

Everton fell behind inside three minutes through an Antony strike before Coady drew the Toffees level on 14 minutes when he capitalised on a David De Gea error. But the Blues defender scored an unfortunate own goal in the second half before an injury-time penalty from Marcus Rashford wrapped up the win for the home side.   

“We came here tonight with a plan, and I thought we stuck to it really well,” said Coady.   

“We played on the counter-attack, we defended well, exactly as we did against Manchester City, so to lose the game to an own goal and a penalty - against a top side - is gutting."   

Despite the much-improved manner of the display, Coady admits it has been a tough period for him and his teammates but one they are all highly motivated to get out of.   

“Everybody's gutted in there because we came with a plan to disrupt and frustrate as much as we could - that's something we've got to do. We're in a moment that we're really not enjoying and we've got to get out of it.  

"The manager's fantastic, he's outstanding with all of us. He understands the Football Club and wants to do right by it every single day. What he does with us every single day is really good, so we need to keep on listening to him. 

“We look at trying to pick up results every single day for this football club. Everyone in that changing room loves this club, we love these supporters - you saw what they were like with us at the end, there.   

“We need to keep on fighting and getting out of it because at the minute we're not a team that can go out there and play pretty football. We'll go out every day and give 200 per cent for the shirt."

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Everton manager says there was a lot to like from his side's performance at Old Trafford.

More than
9,500 Evertonians were in attendance at Old Trafford on Friday, and they certainly made their presence heard throughout the contest.   

Coady opened up on the part they can play over these next few crucial months but also admitted it’s on him and his teammates to deliver the results.   

“We need the crowd, at the end they were outstanding. To lose 3-1 at Old Trafford but to get what we got from the crowd at the end was brilliant,” he added. “We need them, we need everybody to drag us out of this.   

“That was Evertonians deep down, that’s what they come to do, to support the team. That kind of feeling at the end, you look up and you want to give them more, we are desperate to get wins and desperate to get that feeling back.   

“We need that feeling back, but only us in the dressing room can make that happen, so we’re looking at ourselves every day in the mirror, we all need to take responsibility individually and get ourselves out of this situation.  

“We have big characters in that team. We are the ones who go out on the grass every day, we need to take responsibility for that. We are looking at each other every day, we’re speaking, we’re coming together and we need to do that more because we’re in a position where we need to look at it right now, from now.   

“There’s no ‘in a couple of months we’ve got this game’, nothing like that. It’s from now and we need to make sure we do that, I keep on getting the question about starting, it’s about us going out on that pitch and getting the best out of each other and ourselves every day.   

“The game next week [against Southampton] is huge. We need to stick together. It’s easy to say that and sometimes, I hate hearing that, but we spoke as a team and individually, with the door shut and only players in the room, we need to make it happen now. It’s not just about speaking in a room and saying we now need to do this; it is going to happen.   

“We can take positives, looking at what we did here and in the City game to make sure we do this next week right, it starts now, giving the best of ourselves every day for this badge, shirt and Club.”   

Conor Coady
make sure we do this next week right, it starts now, giving the best of ourselves every day for this badge, shirt and club.