Global Supporters' Club Committees Meet With Fan Engagement Team

Everton’s Fan Engagement Team has met representatives from Supporters’ Clubs from around the world as part of the Club’s continued engagement with fans.

The meetings form part of the evolving Supporters’ Club Committees, which sees four groups covering specific geographical areas – UK, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa),The Americas and Asia-Pacific.

This was the second meeting of the updated committees which aims to bring fans from around the world together for structured dialogue with the Club on a quarterly basis. The four meetings, spread across two days, focus specifically on the needs and what matters most to fans in each region as well as updates from the Club.

Blues in Asia-Pacific discussed the success of Everton’s recent mid-season trip to Australia with members of ESCA (Everton Supporters’ Club Australia) on-hand to talk about the fan-led events they worked on in conjunction with the Club and highlighting feedback they have had from supporters who attended from around the world.  

Meanwhile Evertonians in the UK also praised the Club’s trip down under as some members of Supporters’ Clubs made the journey to watch Everton triumph over Celtic on penalties and score five goals in a victory over Western Sydney Wanderers. Made up of 27 Supporters’ Clubs, domestic members also discussed the forthcoming pilot of digital away tickets, the 2023/24 Season Ticket process and feedback to the recent ‘new signings’ Supporters’ Club event that took place Goodison Park.

Blues based across EMEA discussed some of the retail challenges that have recently been faced by some of their members and the work being undertaken by Fanatics and the Club to alleviate such issues. Supporters in this region also discussed attending fixtures at Goodison Park and feedback from European Blues who have praised the Club’s matchday fan engagement activities.  

Affiliated Supporters’ Club leads in the Americas reflected on the pros and cons of ‘fanfests’ and were updated on the positive results as well as the overall benefits of the supporter affiliation process.  

All the Supporters’ Club Committees were given an update on the progress of construction of the Club’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

The next meetings of the Supporters’ Club committees are scheduled to take place by March 2023.