Christiansen: Let's Write New History

While men’s domestic football takes a break, the women’s game is well and truly rolling through this period and I hope we’re able to see some new faces along at our games during this window.

It’s been a tough wait after our game against Spurs was postponed ahead of the international break.

We were ready to make amends for the defeat against Manchester United, but the delay for another game has only fuelled our desire to put in a performance that our supporters can be proud of.

Everyone benefits from the international break in different ways and there's no doubt we’ll be well prepared for Saturday's game.

It's a big game for us, a big challenge, but one that we feel ready to compete in.

Regardless of City's form, they’re always an incredibly tough team to play against because of the quality they have throughout their squad.

But we know if we execute our plan and perform, we can compete with any team in this league.

The focus for us isn’t to be cautious of City’s threat, it’s on ourselves and executing our game plan and I hope that will be enough to give us a positive result.

This is the hurdle that we want to get over now - to compete with the teams higher in the table and take points off them.

We are due to have another packed crowd at Walton Hall Park which is fantastic.

When I see on social media that we have sold out or only have a handful of tickets left, I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real.

We’ve already broken our home attendance record twice this season - and that’s incredible.

Growing attendances was something very important to us and it seems like over the past six months we have made significant progress in that respect. It’s a credit to the girls, the staff, the Club and you, our supporters.

Everyone who I’ve spoken to that has come along to our games has said how wonderful the atmosphere is and how young girls have come along and have been inspired.

Those moments mean a lot to us and it's important we soak them up.

We should all be very proud of how far we’ve come in such a short space of time. This progress only motivates us further to continue to reach new heights with this football club.

Let’s write new history together.

Enjoy the game,