First Roof Truss Hits The Heights At Everton Stadium

The first of the giant trusses that will support the roof structure at Everton Stadium has been successfully installed.

A milestone moment saw the 100-tonne section of steelwork carefully hoisted into place in the north stand on Wednesday morning, commencing a series of lifts over the coming weeks at both ends of the stadium that will offer a first view of its full height of just under 45 metres.

In total, Everton Stadium will have five roof trusses installed; two in the smaller north stand and three atop the one-tier south stand that will eventually house 13,000 Evertonians.

Each truss, which initially rest on temporary support trestles built into the stand, consists of three sections assembled at ground level and lifted into placed individually. Each of those 15 steelwork sections weighs approximately 100 tonnes.

The completed roof trusses will have clear spans of between 150 and 175 metres, once the temporary support trestles are removed. The depth of the trusses varies between four metres deep at the supports, to around 11.5 metres at mid-span.