Roof Trusses On The Way At Everton Stadium

The first of the roof trusses that will support the ultra-sleek roof of Everton Stadium is being assembled pitchside.

The skeleton of the giant steel roof is being constructed atop the two, temporary rigs within the bowl of the stadium.

Next month, it is anticipated the first of the trusses will be lifted into place in the south stand, where they will initially be supported by more temporary works built within the stand.


Spaces have been left in the assembly of the concrete terracing units to accommodate these supporting structures.

Work will then continue to build and install the trusses, which will eventually form the framework of the roof across the south and north stands – later joined by the roof installations in the west and east stands.

Meanwhile, the concrete builds in the east and west stands are evolving quickly.

All of the initial row of concrete raker beams are in place in the west stand, which is now well into the second floor build.

The steel frame in the south stand is now connected to the south east core, with the arc in each corner now ready to meet up with the east and west stands once they reach full height.