Everton Sets Up Global Supporters' Club Committees

Everton’s Fan Engagement Team met representatives from Supporters’ Clubs from around the world this week.

The meetings form part of the evolving Supporters’ Club Committees, which now sees four groups covering specific geographical areas – UK, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa),The Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Supporters’ Club leads from as close as Rice Lane in north Liverpool and as far away as Perth, Australia, Cairo, Egypt and San Diego in the United States of America will come together on a quarterly basis with other fans, in their geographically-based groupings, to have structured dialogue with the Club on matters relevant to their members and their locality.

The first meetings of the updated committees, which aim to bring fans from around the world closer to the Club and ensure the views of Blues in Supporters’ Clubs are heard, took place this week with a wide-range of topics discussed.

Evertonians in the UK reviewed Supporters’ Club benefits and affiliation, ticketing and a desire for more events and activities for domestic Supporters’ Clubs. Meanwhile Blues based across EMEA were canvassed for their thoughts by the Club’s Marketing team on Everton’s International Membership offer, given an insight into the different matchday each Supporters’ Club experiences and advised on how the Club can help raise awareness for any Evertonians travelling to some of the popular holiday destinations as to where they can watch matches.

Supporters’ Clubs in Asia-Pacific discussed Everton’s mid-season visit to Sydney for the Super Cup and learned about how the Club is working with local fans on a range of engagement events for the trip down-under.

Affiliated Supporters’ Clubs based in The Americas were given the opportunity to speak to representatives from Everton’s International team about the importance of the continent to the Club’s international strategy and the forthcoming Premier League live event in Philadelphia, while supporters had the chance to deliver informal feedback on Everton’s recent pre-season tour, which included fan-led events in Baltimore, Washington DC and Minneapolis.   

As each Supporters’ Club Committee gathering was the inaugural meeting, the groups elected a Chairperson to act as a figurehead for the Supporters’ Clubs committees.

The results of each election were as follows:

- UK - Phil O’Rourke, Taxi Club Blues

- EMEA – Helge Grunnevaag, Everton FC Norway

- Asia-Pacific – Tim Ohlson, Perth Toffees

- The Americas – John Duchak, DC Toffees

The Supporters’ Club Committees will continue to meet with the Club quarterly, with the next meeting scheduled for December 2022.