Terracing Installation Steps Up At Everton Stadium

Work continues to install the concrete terracing units in the north and south stands at Everton Stadium in preparation for the roof trusses.

The terracing will eventually support temporary structures to hold the trusses in place, once they are assembled at ground level and hoisted at both ends of the stadium later this year.

And with the steelwork close to completion at the southern end of the stadium, and now in place in the north, the focus at each end of the build is on making sure the double-stepped terracing units are slotted into place.


Meanwhile, the shape of the west stand continues to develop, with concrete raker beams and supporting struts now emerging across the length of the stand. These will continue to be installed as each level is built, with the lower raker beams the last to be installed, to allow the pitchside crane assisting in the build to get as close to the stand as possible.

Beneath the west stand, the footprint also includes space for a hydrotherapy pool in the space where the home dressing room is planned.

A new access road is also being laid on top of the concrete foundations in the centre of the east stand. This will allow cranes and vehicles carrying materials to traverse to the centre of the internal bowl, while the rest of the east stand build continues around it.