LISTEN: Everton Stadium Special Podcast With Meis & Chong

Dan Meis, Stadium Concept Design Guardian for the Everton Stadium, made another transatlantic trip in August 2022, to view progress on-site.

In a new podcast Dan, along with Chief Stadium Development Officer, Colin Chong, discuss the project, from early sketches on a napkin to the astonishing engineering feat that is steadily transforming the skyline of North Liverpool and creating the next chapter in Everton’s illustrious history.

Meis said: “I’ve a huge smile on my face because last time I was here the cores were there, so you got a sense of where the stadium was, but now you can feel how the stadium is - and it’s amazing!

“When you see how many people come together, the logistics of it and the investment of time and people, it feels like you have lit this fire and it’s out of control.

“It’s a giddy feeling that ‘wow, it really is here’. It’s a very unusual site and it was hard to tell, when it was still a dock, what it was going to look like when it was filled in and how the stadium sits on the site.

"All those worries go away with a relief that it really does fit, but not just that but it feels so tight and intimate.”

Listen to the podcast now via the player below or by clicking here!