'ALL' - A Revolutionary Re-Set Of Hospitality

Everton has revealed more about the concept of ‘ALL’ – the bars, restaurants and experiences that will be available at the Club’s new stadium.

Within the dedicated ‘ALL’ section of the new website, Roy Westwood, Senior Design Consultant on the project explains how the Club plans a “revolutionary re-set of traditional football hospitality".

Everton has been working alongside Forward Associates, the globally renowned agency founded by Roy Westwood, to diligently create a more inclusive offer to supporters.

Last week the Club revealed its ambition for ‘ALL’ which will offer a wide range of fan experiences, from traditional pubs and sports’ bars through to high street style restaurants and opulent fine-dining.

With more than two-decades experience in the hospitality industry, Roy Westwood said: “For us, ‘ALL’ is not just hospitality: It’s more than hospitality.

“Often, there is a ‘them and us’ associated with it, but what we wanted to create was something for everybody. That was at the centre of our approach to everything we did.

“It was about breaking all those social barriers and ensuring that we understood that everybody was a fan; it’s just that different fans want different experiences.

“It was our responsibility to work out how to create the different experiences that they embrace in their everyday life and bring it to the matchday ritual.

Westwood, whose agency has helped to shape the creative direction of over 60 prestigious venues, stadia and events across Europe, Asia and the Americas, including The Wimbledon Championships, added: “All of the experiences touch the heritage of the stadium location.

“They also touch the heritage of the football club and bring that all to life in the many restaurants, bars, lounges and experiences that have been created for the multitude of fans who will enjoy them on matchday.

“Not only have we created an array of hugely unique experiences, but we have also ensured that those can be purchased on a seasonal, or occasional basis; therefore allowing different fans to utilise them in different ways.”

The ‘ALL’ brand name was developed by the Club and Forward Associates to reflect the Club’s desire to expand upon the current offerings at Goodison Park.

Everton Stadium’s iconic waterfront location, a mile north of the city centre, makes the site, and its introductory Fan Plaza, a hub for over 52,888 supporters on a matchday.

Westwood added: “Our remit was always around creating something for all, for everyone, and that word ‘all’ kept manifesting itself.

“It was also really important for us to ensure that Prince Rupert’s Tower – something that is so iconic, unique and a part of the Everton DNA – was in the identity we created.

“The circle represents the family circle, which is how the fans, the community and Everton all come together.”

In the coming months the experiences will be brought to life through an ‘Experience All Showroom’ at the Royal Liver Building which will showcase the range of bars, restaurants, lounges and boxes at the Everton Stadium.

Current Hospitality Members will be contacted by their account manager at the appropriate time for their personal invitation and will be given priority to secure their new seasonal stadium packages.

Alternatively, supporters who wish to express their interest in hearing more about ‘ALL’ bars, restaurants and experiences at Everton Stadium can complete the ‘Register Your Interest’ form by clicking here

A member of the dedicated sales team will then be in touch to potentially arrange a visit to the ‘Experience ALL Showroom’.