How To Use Your Digital Season Ticket At Goodison

Using the same technology as last season, supporters will be able to store their Digital Season Ticket – and the Season Tickets of others in their party – using either Apple Wallet or Google Pay on their mobile device.

The process, which is almost identical to purchasing goods with a contactless bank card, is a simple one.

This digital solution will support our commitment to the environment through the Everton for Change initiative.

Watch the video above on how to install your digital Season Ticket, or follow our six-step guide below.

1. You will receive an email from us, containing a link to download your Season Ticket.

Please ensure we have up-to-date contact details for you on our system. If you need to update your email address, log into your account and head to the 'Personal Details' tab.

You can also find your personalised download link to manually download your digital Season Ticket(s) by clicking here.

2. Use the mobile phone you intend to use on matchday and click the link on the email. Follow the on-screen instructions to download your Season Ticket to your Apple Wallet (for Apple devices) or Google Pay (for Android devices).

Important: Your ticket MUST be downloaded into your wallet (Apple) or Google Pay (Android) in order to work with the entry system at Goodison. A screenshot of your digital ticket or the email confirming your digital ticket WILL NOT allow you access to the stadium.

3. Multiple Season Tickets can be downloaded to one device, if you wish. To do so, simply repeat step two.

3b. Android only – if you have an Apple device, skip to step 4. If you have an Android device, please ensure NFC – the technology behind contactless entry – is switched on. To do so, simply head to Google Wallet, then Settings, then Contactless setup. Here, make sure NFC is switched on and Google Wallet is set as your default payment. If the app is displaying as Google Pay, you will need to update to Google Wallet.

Please note If you have an Android device, it is important you open the download link in Google Chrome (set as your default browser). Information on how to make Google Chrome your default browser can be found by clicking here

 4. Your ticket is now loaded for the 2022/23 season. Don't forget to charge your phone before heading to Goodison Park.

5. Once at the stadium, open Apple Wallet or Google Pay on your phone before joining the queue for the turnstiles. Ensure you do not have any bank or other contactless cards at the back of your phone case that may confuse the reader.

If you have multiple Season Tickets on one device, simply swipe left and right to switch between tickets.

6. To gain access, simply hold your phone close to the contactless reader on top of the turnstile. If you have multiple tickets on one device, remember to scan them at the turnstile one at a time.

The light will turn green for a valid Adult ticket and amber for Concessions or Junior tickets. If the light turns red, or you are unable to enter, a steward will be designated to each turnstile to help with any issues.