Upper Tier Steelwork Emerges at New Everton Stadium

Steel foundations for the upper-tier terracing have emerged in the northern corners at Bramley-Moore Dock.

The framework of the new stadium continues to evolve quickly, at both ends of the stadium, as our weekly drone footage clearly shows. Click below to watch the latest video.

And atop the north east and north western edges of the site, the steel protruding from the concrete cores now has the raking beams installed in an upper level.

A new, ground-level section of steelwork has also sprung from the foundations in between the two corner sections, which have concrete lattice slabs already laid on two levels and which are due to conjoin in early August.

The angled raking beams, which can also be seen in this new section of steelwork, will house the precast concrete terracing units, which will be installed over the coming months.

Around 3,400 terracing units, which will eventually form the internal bowl lining, are being manufactured in the Republic of Ireland by Laing O’Rourke’s supply chain partner, Banagher, and will be delivered by boat to Liverpool docks, a short distance from the project site.

Meanwhile, the concrete lattice slabs are also being laid in the south stand, which form the floors of the separate levels of the concourses.

The latticework of steelwork continues to grow adjacent to the south west core, along with a similar structure expected to start soon in the south east corner.

Raking beams are also becoming more visible across the one-tier south stand, which will eventually house approximately 13,000 Evertonians.