Fans' Forum Recruitment - Voting Shortlist

The vote to elect new members to the Everton Fans' Forum is now underway. 

Read profiles of the nine shortlisted candidates below and then vote for the three candidates you would like to represent Evertonians on the Forum by filling in the form at the bottom of the page or here

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Laura Burgess

Name: Laura Burgess
About me: I’m delighted to be shortlisted for the Fans’ Forum and would be honoured to form part of the group representing the fans. I have experienced matchday through every stage of my life so far; infancy, childhood, teens, young adult, and now as a mother.  

Having children can present challenges for fans when you don’t have childcare, and I want to work with the Club to make sure new parents are supported to continue following Everton. I have innovative ideas to make combining matchdays and parenting much easier and will work tirelessly to deliver them.  

In my professional life I am an experienced marketing manager and can bring a wealth of knowledge to the Forum. I’m a creative thinker, strong influencer, and excellent communicator – I will utilise my skills and experience to affect positive change and continue all the great work that has been done so far.  

I am passionate about inclusion and want to make sure every single person from every walk of life feels welcome and comfortable at Goodison Park, and our new home at BMD.  

I will be the biggest advocate for my fellow Evertonians and represent you in a way that makes you proud. Up the Toffees! 

Andy Duff 

Name: Andy Duff
About me: As a lifelong Blue,  my crazy rollercoaster ride as a fan has seen my match experience evolve.

My early days were spent as a junior Evertonian standing on the terraces. Moving to Ireland saw me become an exiled fan, supporting from afar and meeting fellow Blues through the Irish Toffees. Having moved back home, I got a season ticket in GT5, going home and away games, and enjoying the pre and post-match pubs on Country Road. Finally, I’m currently a season ticket holder in the Family Enclosure taking my son and nephew. 

Having supported Everton and experienced matchdays in so many different ways, I believe it gives me an insight into what a large section of fans feel. If elected to the Forum, I would like to use my professional experience as a change manager to unite fans and make sure our voice is heard.  
Last season’s relegation fight united the fans. I want to channel that unity and build on it. I see the Forum as a link between the fans and the Club that should try to bridge any gap, and make sure our voices are heard. 

Thanks for reading. UTT 

Rob Fisher 

Name: Rob Fisher

About me:
Hi, I’m Rob and have been an Evertonian since 1986. My first ever attended match was Watford away in March 1987 and I’m hoping it’s not the only time I can see a league-winning team in the flesh! 

Over the years, I’ve been a season ticket holder, been on several of the European away trips - of which Nuremburg and Krasnodar really stand out - and, most recently, formed the supporters’ club Toffees
In London during the pandemic to reinvigorate the Everton fanbase in the capital.

Professionally, I’ve worked in hospitality for over 20 years, and as a general manager for 13 of these. From successful restaurant brands such as Wagamama (I ran the Liverpool One branch when it opened for four years), to probably where most Evertonians know me from, The Fitzrovia Belle Pub in Central London.  

I’m now relocating back up to Liverpool and would be extremely excited to join the Fans’ Forum at such an important time. As we leave our spiritual home of Goodison to move to a new stadium, to work with the Club and utilise my catering, events and service experience with the ideas from you, the Everton fanbase, would be a fantastic opportunity. 

Derek Houlton 

Name: Derek Houlton

About me:
Hi everyone, my name is Derek Houlton but you can all call me Degsie. I’m a 62-year-old passionate Blue Nose. I’ve been following the Blues since 1966, attended the FA Cup final and I was hooked. I’ve been a season ticket holder for many years. I was voted No. 1 fan under the “I go the game” campaign a few years ago. I live in Southport but don’t hold that against me. I’m a member of  Everton Supporters Southport Area, travelling to the game together.  

Recently, I’ve watched in awe as the guys in the supporters’ clubs gathered as one to organise the fan reception given to our players to spur them on as our great Club gathered together to show the world why we are the greatest football supporters in the world. I want to help take the Fans’ Forum forward and to help promote it, and make sure it’s more visible and accessible to all our fans.  

The Forum is your voice - I want to make sure your voice is heard. You, the fans, are the Club. You are our heart. #COYB #UTT

Steven Kelly


Name: Steven Kelly
About me: I have been going the match for 28 years and have a season ticket in the Upper Bullens, recently moved there. 
Goodison Park has been a special place for us all and getting the matchday experience 'right'. My six-year-old son, who I took to Goodison for the first time this season, has motivated me to apply. With limited time left at Goodison, we have to make them special as the memories.

For me, lots 'has' to improve in terms of matchday experience. Bramley-Moore is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it has to be done right. That means local businesses should be at the forefront of that, with quality food/ales. I will challenge and push the Club when needed if they fall short and I believe that's what’s needed.

This isn’t about me, it’s about getting everyone on board and listening to as much feedback as possible, good and bad.

Up the Toffees!

Richard Maycock 

Richard Maycock 
About me: From a single parent family on a rural council estate, far from L4, often mocked as the only Evertonian, now 60 years on I am still nuts about our club. 

I have been making virtual tackles and headers for the team like you but now I promised myself to help my club in other ways, using skills developed in my working life. 

I became director of international affairs, business development, and sustainability in over 70 countries in developing and emerging geographies. I have unique insights into understanding global cultures and business routes, which should potentially help develop our international fanbase, complementing current approaches. We all know we must grow to compete with the so-called big six! 

I want to embrace ideas from our younger fanbase, regardless of age, nationality, or gender. Our fanbase will evolve but I’m convinced that our youth will provide creativity, leading to practical opportunities. 

Everton must become less a follower, more of an innovator. We will never lose our history and values, but we must progress with novel ways to further engage with fans, enhancing our club’s prestige and value.  

With my skills and devotion, I commit to supporting our fans on such journeys and more.    

Jake McKenna 

Name: Jake McKenna
About me:
For 20 years now I’ve been coming to Goodison, hooked in by a last-minute Tomasz Radzinski winner against Southampton. And ever since then, going the match has been an integral part of my life, either with my dad or my mates, and Everton now occupy an arguably unhealthy amount of my mind. 
To me, Everton are more than just a football club. They’re a community, a tradition, and a focal point for many. As Evertonians, we all want to see our club performing at their best and working together with a unified support, similar to those incredible scenes we saw during last season’s run-in. 
The Everton Fans’ Forum allows us all an opportunity to have an impact on the club we love, and I would be immensely privileged to be voted as a representative voice for us all. Every Evertonian man, woman and child, and their opinions, matter at this Club, never more than now. 
I want to help continue to build on the positive foundations built already by the Forum, ensuring everybody feels welcome at Goodison and feels they’re being listened to. 
Thank you for your consideration and good luck to all of the candidates. 

Jeff Wallner 

Jeff Wallner 
About me: What Everton has meant to my life goes beyond football. It’s as much about the friendships I’ve made, in North America, in Liverpool, and throughout the world. To be part of the Everton Fans’ Forum and help strengthen the relationship between the Club and its fans and improve the overall experience of being an Evertonian, on matchday and beyond, is something I take very seriously.   

I am co-chair of the Cincinnati Toffees and an active member of the North American Toffees supporters’ network, working closely with the Everton Fan Engagement Team on various initiatives, including expanding merchandise availability in the U.S., planning of events for the pre-season U.S. tours, and growing Everton’s supporter base and brand opportunities in North America. 

I am a 56-year-old husband and father with more than 30 years of experience in business, project management, and sports journalism. 

We are at a turning point in Everton Football Club’s history. The show of unity by the fans toward the end of last season was a beautiful sight to behold. You helped get us over the line. I am an Evertonian because of Evertonians, and I will work hard every day for you as part of the Everton Fans’ Forum. 

Paul Young 

Name: Paul Young
About me:
Fellow Evertonians, my name is Paul Young, I am a lifelong resident of the city, but more importantly a lifelong supporter of the Blues, and a season ticket holder for more years than I can remember.

I've always felt that we fans were an important part of this Club, but this past season has convinced me that we are integral to the Club achieving the success we all hope for and hope to be part of in the future.  

There are exciting times ahead for Everton and we grassroot fans need to make our voices heard to provide the Club with our perspectives and, through that, influence decisions that will ultimately affect us all. 

If I am selected by you to join the Fans’ Forum, my commitment to you will be to take every opportunity I can to listen to what you have to say about the Club and the various initiatives that the Fans’ Forum is engaged in (retail, sustainability, the new stadium and Goodison Legacy Project, in-stadium catering, the matchday atmosphere, international fan engagement, and more!) and represent your views within the Fans’ Forum to the best of my ability. 

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