Davies On Heroes, Haircuts And His Favourite Scouse Phrase!

The Everton midfielder was given 90 seconds to tackle a mixed bag of random questions. Check out his answers below!

Childhood hero?
My father.

Favourite place?

Best midfielder in the world?
N’Golo Kante.

Favourite Scouse phrase?
What’s happenin’?

Favourite food?

Favourite vegetable?
Right now, I’ll say carrots.

Best dresser: Tom or Dom?
Tom Davies. 

Go-to pre-match meal? 
Tomato pasta, with a little bit of Caesar salad. No meat.

Lion or tiger?

Favourite pasta shape?
I don’t know…triangular!

Naps – yes or no?

Best haircut at Everton?
Lewis Dobbin, when he has a trim.

Favourite sportsperson?
Roger Federer.

Musical instrument?
I can play everything badly!

Best thing about the city of Liverpool?
The people.