Fan Advisory Board Election Opens – Vote Now

The vote to elect Evertonians to the Club's inaugural Fan Advisory Board is now open.

The election will identify candidates to occupy the panel’s four 'unreserved' seats and join the seven members who will be democratically nominated by supporter groups making up the Everton Stakeholder Steering Group ('reserved' seats).

The application window for the Fan Advisory Board closed last week and, following that, a shortlisting process identified 13 individuals who have been put forward for election.


The shortlisting panel comprised independent members and Evertonians Ellen Loudon (Director of Social Justice and Cannon Chancellor at Diocese of Liverpool) and Chris Matheson (MP for Chester), as well as Bridget Bryson and Bren Connolly representing the ESSG and Catherine Wright (Head of Governance) on behalf of the Club.

Profiles of the 13 candidates and their election statements can be read here.

Any Evertonian who had a supporter number prior to 1 May 2022 is eligible to vote and will be asked to select their four preferred candidates. Each vote will carry equal weight and supporters will be able to allocate a maximum of one vote per candidate.

The election, which is being independently verified by UK Engage, will identify successful candidates to serve in the following roles:

- One Everton Shareholder, to initially serve three years;
- One Evertonian representing a minority group with a protected characteristic as defined in the Equality Act of 2010, to initially serve one year;
- One Evertonian with no further eligibility requirements to initially serve three years; and
- One Evertonian with no further eligibility requirements to initially serve one year

Voting will close at 11.59pm on Thursday 9 June, with the four successful candidates to be confirmed on and Club channels on Friday 10 June.

Once operational, Everton's Fan Advisory Board will be consulted on long-term strategic issues and will meet regularly with the Club’s hierarchy, including members of the Board of Directors.

The ESSG and the Club would like to thank everyone who submitted an application and offer congratulations to those who have made the final shortlist.

To learn about the 13 candidates and vote, click here. To discover more about the Fan Advisory Board, its function, and how it will represent Everton's global fanbase, click here.