Everton Fan Of The Year Revealed

Devout Evertonian Amy Wilson is the Club’s Fan of the Year for 2021/22, after the inspirational supporter was chosen by the Fans’ Forum from an incredible shortlist of candidates.

Amy is a member of Everton Disabled Supporters’ Association and active in movements to increase access to live sport for all fans and drive change aimed at a disability-inclusive society.

A lifelong Blue, Amy has overcome multiple obstacles to watch Everton home and away, and her fan-of-the-year credentials were endorsed by innumerable fellow supporters.

And the Everton Fans’ Forum ultimately concluded that selfless, loyal and tenacious Amy deserved the prestigious award following a campaign when the Club and its supporters united in a stirring show of defiance as manager Frank Lampard’s team secured Premier League safety.

Siobhan Doran, vice chair of Everton Fans’ Forum, said: “Amy, you are an inspiration to so many and such a dedicated Evertonian.

“You travel the length and breadth of the country to support the Blues and regularly set aside your own challenges and needs to put others first.

“You are an active and tireless member of EDSA, where you are such a powerful advocate for Evertonians and champion better experiences and conditions and accessibility for supporters with disabilities.

“And you are such a brilliant collaborator, working with other supporter groups and supporters to secure the best experience for Evertonians.”

Amy, who was surprised by a congratulatory message from favourite player Tom Davies, receives a 2022/23 Season Ticket from the Club as part of her prize – and as thanks for her unequivocal support.

Nominations for the fan-of-the-year honour opened last month and Amy was repeatedly singled out by fellow Evertonians.

“I am voting for Amy due to the unending work she puts in for EDSA,” said one fan.

“She is knowledgeable and helpful and makes anyone who asks for help feel comfortable. She travels home and away, despite all the issues put in her way, and is probably the biggest Evertonian I know.”

Fan nominee on Amy Wilson
You are an active and tireless member of EDSA, where you are such a powerful advocate for Evertonians and champion better experiences and conditions and accessibility for supporters with disabilities.

Amy is currently in hospital and everybody at Everton sends her and her family and friends their love and best wishes and hopes for a quick and full recovery.

Duncan Ferguson, the Club’s legendary striker and current Assistant Manager, has privately messaged Amy his own words of support.

Everton midfielder Davies, meanwhile, told Amy: “I have heard all about you and your dedication following Everton home and away over many years, along with the work you do making football accessible for all our fans.

“We are all behind you in your recovery and can’t wait to have you back with us at Goodison Park.”

Amy supplements vigorous work for EDSA with her role at the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFÉ).

CAFÉ wants to completely remove barriers from disabled fans wishing to attend football. The organisation is aiming for “total access” and the employment of “the power of sport… as a catalyst for disability-inclusive change in wider society”.

Amy’s devotion to Everton is absolute and she is a familiar and hugely liked and admired member of the Club’s supporter base.

“Amy has been an avid supporter all her life,” said one fan. “Up to a certain point, she had never missed a game, home or away, and she even travels internationally. 

“Amy is a massive part of EDSA and strives for so much when it comes to accessibility across all grounds. 

“She has been through a lot over the past few years but regained the confidence to continue to support her beloved team. 

“She is the most independent and strong person I know and deserves this nomination.”

Another Evertonian said: “Amy is an active member of the EDSA committee and works tirelessly to improve access for disabled fans at Goodison and across the UK and Europe. 

“She is loved by lots of Evertonians across the world and has built relationships with other fans who are involved in disabled supporters’ associations for their clubs. She is currently in hospital and we are all wishing her well.”

Former Everton midfielder Tim Cahill, one of Amy’s favourite players of all time, sent a congratulatory message to the award winner.

“Amy, massive congratulations, you really deserve this award,” said Cahill, a Club favourite who scored 68 goals in 278 appearances across eight years from 2004.

“I know, despite your illness, you’ve been home and away to support our Blues.

“Your work at being a voice for our disabled supporters and making football for everyone is truly inspiring.”

The other categories which normally feature in our End of Season Awards, including our next Everton Giant, the Chairman's Blueblood Award and the latest recipient of The People's Club Award, will be announced at a later date.