Everton Giant Reid On Lampard, Attitude And Being Reduced To Tears

Everton Giant Peter Reid believes everyone associated with the Blues will "stand up and be counted" when Crystal Palace visit Goodison Park on Thursday night.

The legendary former midfielder, who won four major trophies with the Club in the mid-1980s, has full belief in the attitude of the players to fight and perform under pressure following a controversial 3-2 defeat to Brentford at the weekend.

Meanwhile, Reid has compared the atmosphere generated at Goodison to the type he experienced for arguably Goodison's greatest-ever night that saw the Toffees defeat Bayern Munich in 1985, admitting the outpouring of passion in recent games has reduced him to tears.

"We have to be positive and we have to get at them," Reid told ahead of the clash with Palace. 

"The team that goes out on Thursday know we're fighting for our survival in the Premier League. Is there pressure on? Yes - and it's worse pressure than if you're going for trophies, I think. But, it's where we are and we have to go out, with a positive attitude, the fans will get behind the players without a shadow of a doubt and we need to stand up and be counted. I'm sure they will.

"We've had no luck with decisions but there's no point crying over spilt milk. We're better than that. We'll go out and prove it on Thursday, I'm sure of it.

"Goodison will be rocking. 

"These are the best supporters in the world and they'll get behind the players like you wouldn't believe. We need to go and do the business for them and I'm sure we will.

"Without a doubt, the atmosphere they have generated in recent games has been up there with the very best. 

"I saw first-hand the welcome the supporters gave the team coach ahead of the Chelsea game and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m not ashamed to say that - it was very, very moving. 

"My generation knows what it’s like to win trophies here and I’m not being condescending with that, I’m paying a massive tribute to all young fans. They’re the lifeblood. The support we’ve had from the young fans has been amazing. Everything about it.

"They’ve been absolutely unbelievable and they’re desperate for us to succeed.

"Hopefully, we can get out of this place and win something soon to reward them, because they deserve it."

Reid also paid tribute to manager Frank Lampard and the way in which the former England international has created an impressive synergy between fans and players, while fully immersing himself in the rich traditions of Everton.

"Frank Lampard had an amazing career, an illustrious career, a great player for Chelsea, West Ham and his country... And I saw a quote from him saying the Evertonians have shown the best support he's ever seen," added Reid. 

"That says it all. He's done everything, our manager, but he said he's never seen anything like it.

"He's right about the fans - they are. 

"He 'gets it', but how can you not? 

"That's important. The love for this football club, the history of it... It's just there, it's in the DNA. It's a fantastic thing. 

"He's a southern lad but he has come up and totally embraced it. You know by his actions and his words that he gets it, he embraces it and that's what we're all about."