What The Papers Say - 11 May

The views on this page are taken from the local and national media and do not necessarily reflect the views of Everton.

Quotes from Everton manager Frank Lampard circulate across media outlets ahead of the Blues' trip to Watford this evening.

The Mirror publishes quotes from Lampard's pre-match press conference where he revealed avoiding relegation with Everton is a far greater task than any Premier League title challenge he has experienced in his career.

“From a personal level, when you live this experience of a relegation battle it so consumes you, and you so want to do the right thing because you understand what the stakes are," he explained.

"The stakes for this are bigger for me now than when I won the Premier League as a player because of what it means to the Club.

“You know the economics of it are greater than winning the title as well, to a different degree, and individually you think about that.

"It’s the idea of what it means to the fans and the people who work here. It’s so important, and so there shouldn’t be any way with four games to go and one point out of the relegation zone, you think we are fine.

"I’m having an incredible experience - again I am not talking like it is done, we are in it still, but the idea of coming here and people wanting to challenge me, it’s a real motivation.

"It’s been an incredible challenge in a good way, which I’ve really enjoyed and will clearly be valuable if we can get to where we want to be.”

Four games remain for the Toffees this season, but Lampard was adamant his squad must not rest on their laurels.

The Daily Mail quotes the Everton manager who stressed the importance of securing more points before the season concludes.

"It's the only message for us. As much as we enjoyed the weekend, it was a game which got us out of the relegation zone with four games to go but it is very dangerous to relax on that,' Lampard said.

"As much as we can talk about the fans, us as players and staff, the only message is we have to go now and finish the job, which is a tough job.

"We have to expect the worst, everyone else can win, but we can control ourselves so there is absolutely no way we can relax. That's the biggest message.

"To underestimate it because Watford are relegated would be our biggest danger. 

"Every game in the Premier League is dangerous, especially when you travel away. The minute you think you have cracked it, it becomes dangerous."